CONQUER CRAVINGS Weight Loss Plan Explained

Friday, Aug 12, 2022 | App Help, Coaches

This write-up is prepared by Head Coach Lisa, to be a quick and easy guide to understanding the CONQUER CRAVINGS weight loss plan.



Cravings – we all get them…but learning how to manage them and our lives around them is key to maintaining weight loss success. This program is designed just for that. Nothing is off limits – you can make most anything work on this plan with a little planning and moderation. Satisfy your cravings by learning to control your portion size of them. Have a ½ cup of ice cream instead of a ½ pint. Enjoy a meal out with your family confident that you can easily make better, more informed choices that work within your daily BITES. You CAN conquer those cravings!

Followed as intended, this plan can be significantly helpful for:

  • Most anyone
  • Learning portion control
  • Adopting a balanced eating style of enjoying everything in moderation



Each day you have a range of BITES to use. You have DAILY BITES calculated from your individual profile taking into account your age, gender, height, weight and activity levels.

You also have access to a bank of WEEKLY BITES and can earn extra ACTIVITY BITES should you need them. This is in addition to the items on the 0 BITE Food List that you do not need to track but certainly can if you want to follow Calories or your Macros (Protein/Fat/Carbs). Tracking Secondary Metrics is one of the great PRO features available to members.

This plan’s calculations focus on:

  • Calories
  • Fat
  • Fiber (capped at 4g)

With CONQUER CRAVINGS, you have a moderate number of DAILY & WEEKLY BITES in comparison to other Healthi weight loss programs. The minimum range is 18 DAILY + 35 WEEKLY. Weeklies never change on this plan. ACTIVITY BITES are encouraged to be earned and an be used in conjunction with WEEKLY BITES for the best success.

All foods, as shown on the list, are 0 BITES. While all foods still contain calories, these healthy choices do not need to be counted as long as they do not contain any ADDED SUGAR or OILS on the label. No fruits or proteins are zero on this plan – only the vegetables listed. Use these to help fill you up and fill out your meals.



When thinking about your meals, a good rule of thumb is to have ½ meal come from healthy, non starchy vegetables as a salad or side, ¼ meal in the form of whole grains, starchy vegetables or complex carbohydrates and ¼ meal, a lean protein source.

One of the things many members enjoy about this plan is that you are free to choose from basically anything your family likes. If they prefer chicken thighs over breast – that’s okay – you can make it work. You want to have potatoes or rice with your steak? On this plan, it can easily be worked in. Nothing is off limits. You can still have your favorite foods by learning to choose them in moderation and make healthy ingredient swaps where you can.

So instead of letting your cravings control you, work them into your plan. This plan, more than any other, is designed to use at least some of your weeklies each day to round out your meals and treats. They are not extras to only be used on special occasions – they are simply set aside for you to divide as you see fit.

Most members lose best on this plan when they utilize at least 50-75% of the weeklies each week with many members using them all. In this plan weeklies are not EXTRAS, they are simply set aside for you to divide as you need. PRO users can turn on secondary calorie tracking to help make sure you are hitting your daily calorie targets.

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