Dealing with Family Pressure- Holiday Edition

Wednesday, Dec 16, 2020 | Lifestyle

Hi Friends! Coach Stefanie here!

Dealing with family around the holidays can be tough for many reasons. But if they’re not on board with your weight loss it can be especially hard to continue on your journey during this time.

Let’s talk family…

My husband’s grandma once managed to tell his uncle he needed to lose weight while also telling him that he needed to eat more of her food in the same speech! So while your family might be with you on your weight loss journey during the majority of the year, they might still encourage you to splurge “just once”.

In situations like that I have found it very helpful to remind myself that I am NOT on a diet. No food is generally off limits and I am not depriving myself. I am just making better choices for myself. I have switched to a better mindset and the way I eat is a way of life, not something to turn on and off.

Reminding myself of that helps me avoid the splurge mentality. You only need to splurge if you’re not allowing yourself things. If nothing is off limits, there is no way to splurge! Of course emotional eating is a whole topic in it of itself. Read more on that HERE.

So if you want that cake or dessert think about how to fit it in. But if you’re not really a huge fan of it then don’t eat it! It’s your choice! Don’t let anybody else make it for you just because it’s the holidays!