Dealing with Guilt

Friday, May 14, 2021 | Featured, Lifestyle

Hi friends, Coach Jeri here! 

A few weeks ago, Coach Stefanie wrote a great blog post called So You Went Off Track. Now What?. I wanted to revisit the topic today, because I just can’t express how common this hurdle is. Usually, once you go off track in your health and wellness journey- you begin to deal with guilt. For people struggling with weight loss, guilt is the mother of all negative emotions. By talking through this feeling in this blog post, I hope to free you up and encourage you (and myself) to choose not to feel guilty- anymore!!

We feel guilty for all the times we promised ourselves we would not overeat and we did. Sometimes, we feel guilty when we think we “overeat”. Or perhaps because we are “starting tomorrow” and… we don’t. You begin to feel unworthy and want to throw in the towel. We think, “why bother, it never works anyway!”. Guilt can lead to negativity and then you go down the rabbit whole- eating more and feeling worse. 

So, how do we deal with guilt and continue on the path of well being and progress? 

First: forgive yourself! We all overeat at one time or another (even the skinny-minnies!). Try to shift your mind into an optimistic attitude and have a positive forward plan. If your best friend told you that they overate and they’re feeling guilty; how would you help them? You would be positive! Use that strategy to talk with yourself.

Secondly, manage expectations. I noticed a long time ago that the weekends are my downfall. This has helped me shake off the guilt and get back on track. Instead of getting upset with yourself for not tracking food, or overeating while out and about on Saturday. Tell yourself, “I have a Monday Plan!”. I know exactly what I will eat every Monday for all 3 meals. This consistency balances out my weekend shenanigans!

Also, to avoid mindless eating. Put your food on a plate. Measure it out. Don’t eat standing up or in the car. It is that mindless eating that leads to guilt. We feel guilty when we overeat and that leads to more overeating. With a little bit of intention and a little bit of planning, eating doesn’t have to drive guilt and negativity.

Lastly, recognize the cycle of guilt and look to where you can make changes. Don’t fret over eating or activity decisions you made in the past. If it’s done- it’s done! Instead, begin to think about changes going forward. What could you have done differently? What do you want to feel like or achieve next? Will this matter in 5 minutes, 5 days, or 5 weeks? That will put things into perspective!

Feeling guilty is a waste of time. Trade in your guilt for a positive outlook. Slips and falls are part of life. We can learn from them!  When you do feel guilty re-evaluate your why and what your ultimate goal is. Yesterday is gone, today is filled with hope and options. So take a deep breath, shrug off the guilt, and begin again!