Diet Hack from our Head Coach Lisa

Wednesday, Sep 16, 2020 | Featured

Written By: Head Coach Lisa Wood

Some people may think that this is silly, but I found that if I mark items with a color-coded sticker for how many BITES they are when I do my pantry organization then I don’t have to spend forever trying to work out what’s a good option.

There are things that will be used all the time that you get to know the BITES of so obviously you don’t need to sticker those but I found this really helpful when I was first starting so I could open my pantry and say – OK I want to spend 7 BITES and I would just grab items that had stickers that coordinated to that 7 BITES.

You can get these type of stickers or little colored dots from the dollar store really cheaply and it was just a great way for me to have a visual, easy access tool.

I think it could possibly also help those of you with partners or spouses that don’t really know how to help so if you said to them – grab me whatever you want that equals 7 BITES out of the cupboard – then they don’t have to worry about figuring out the BITES all they have to do is look at the sticker guide and choose what they want.

Or you could do this to get your kids involved. Just something I found helpful! Have y’all watched The Home Edit on Netflix? It makes our little organizational hearts so happy! What’s your favorite way to organize your pantry to best aid your diet?

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Happy Tracking!