Embracing Hope, Wellness, and Joyful Celebrations

Thursday, Dec 21, 2023 | Coaches, Featured, Lifestyle

Embracing Hope, Wellness, and Joyful Celebrations

Happy holidays, Healthi family! Coach Jeri here. Many of us are haunted by memories of past holidays when health and wellness weren’t a priority. As we anticipate the holiday table, embrace the anticipation without anxiety. This year, gift yourself the present of hope. I’ve created a list of invaluable steps to take this holiday season to ensure you get the most out of your celebrations.


Steps to success this Holiday season:

  • Release the grip of Christmases past and have faith that your present and future celebrations can be healthy.
  • Take a moment to reflect on what truly matters to you during the holidays. Identify your priorities, whether it’s spending quality time with loved ones, embracing traditions, or focusing on personal well-being.
  • Attend parties and engage in activities with a plan—make wise choices, track, and relish the company around you rather than fixating on food.
  • Ensure you prioritize self-care. Take moments for yourself, whether through a relaxing bath, meditation, or a good book, to recharge and maintain a healthy balance.
  • Inject hope and positivity into your life early on to escape a future filled with negativity, guilt, and self-loathing. Start each day with hope, live in the moment, and absorb the positive vibes from those around you.
  • Extend generosity by inviting someone alone to your family gathering, spreading joy, and enriching your own experience.
  • As the year concludes, reflect on the experiences and lessons of the past year. Use this time for personal renewal, setting intentions for the upcoming year and embracing a positive outlook.


Reminders for this holiday season:

Before the holiday dinner, sit down and articulate your expectations. Will you be content with maintaining your weight, accepting a small gain, or committing to better choices? Explore options like bringing a safe dish or lightening up a traditional favorite. Enjoy the festivities without overeating and self-doubt. Believe that hope and faith in yourself can make a significant difference. Shift your mindset from “can’t” to celebrating success in enjoying your favorite dish within set boundaries. Most importantly, revel in the gift of hope you’ve given yourself. A meal or a dish does not define you or your wellness journey. Reevaluate your feelings about holiday foods and gatherings, and let your positive attitude and hope guide the new you. Ask yourself meaningful questions and dive deep into your thoughts to stay on the right path, remembering that eating to live, not living to eat, and keeping hope alive in every aspect of your life will lead to a fulfilling journey. Happy Holidays!