End of Year Goals to Crush

Wednesday, Dec 2, 2020 | Lifestyle

Well, here we are! The final month of 2020!

The year that made us conscious of many things. The year that made us do things so much differently than before. The year that we became more socially aware, than ever. The year that we stepped back and took inventory of pretty much every area of life. 

So… what have we learned? We’ve learned intentionality. We’ve learned patience. We’ve learned to listen. What if we took the last 30 days of the year and practiced all the things we’ve preached? What if we set high goals? Better yet, what if we DID them? 

Kind of in the same vein as “non scale victories”, we thought it would be fun to give you a few ideas on what kind of goals to set this month and how to achieve them. 

Consider Your Mornings 

Are you getting the most out of them? What if you set a goal to wake up 20 minutes earlier this week and 30 minutes next week? Or better yet, going to sleep earlier! Check out this blog post for help on that! 

What’s in your pantry? 

Are you setting yourself up for success? Usually, we waste the most important calories or BITES on mindless snacking. What if we cut the problem off at the legs and just started structuring our fridge and pantry better? Take this month to begin your grocery list and pantry purge in order to set yourself up well for a healthy resolution! Read this post for pantry help from Coach Lisa! 

Walk it out! 

We know that getting in the swing of hard core exercise is way easier said than done. For some, it’s not even a possibility due to health and wellness concerns. But what if we pledged to start walking every other day? Start off with ten minutes then build up a mile or two a day! We were so inspired by our friend Stacy for doing this, that we did a whole feature on her. Find that story/ resource here! 

Track Your Food 

It wouldn’t be an Healthi blog post without mentioning food tracking, now would it? In all seriousness, keeping tabs on how, what, and how much you eat can give you some incredible insights. Perhaps you vow to track your meals for 5 or 10 days straight. Then by the time January rolls around, you’ll be ready to tackle any amount of time you want! 

Before we dive head first into the season of resolutions, we highly suggest making small goals to accomplish. These are all small but significant changes to try throughout your everyday life. Just like with most things, it takes a few consecutive tries to make something a habit, and a few weeks or months to make into a lifestyle change. 

Here’s to change, goals, and the upcoming new year! 

Happy Tracking!