Fresco Dining this Fourth of July

Monday, Jun 28, 2021 | Lifestyle

How is it that we are already in our last few days of June? The season is flying by, but we still have our big summer holiday to look forward to! Fourth of July is right around the corner, and with many of us celebrating from the beach, pool, or our own backyards, we’re also all looking for some simple, festive dishes to bring to the table. With a fun twist to some drinks and snacks, here are a few ideas for making this upcoming weekend extra special. Today, we’re not only sharing a simple themed meal for Independence Day, we’re also sharing our go-to festive tips for a beautiful and festive al fresco dining experience! 

Summertime Sparkling Water

It’s easy to brighten up any table, dish or drink with fruit! Not only does everyone enjoy endless strawberries, watermelon, and blueberries in the summer, they bring out some beautiful (and patriotic) colors. In our opinion, it’s the mint leaves that really set it off!

Tip 1: Add any leftover fruit to a colorful plate for a bold statement (and a tasty side dish)! These can also be used as simple appetizer options for your guests! Don’t forget to add in an empty plate or dish for discarded seeds, rinds, or reels!

Summer Patriotic Salad

Keep it cool with this low maintenance, high flavor, summer salad! When dining outside it’s important to remember the weather. In the summer months, guests probably won’t enjoy a super hot-steamy meal. However, you don’t want to serve an ice-cold dish that warms to your environment either! 

Tip 2: When setting the table, don’t forget the details! Add some simple, lowly set fresh flowers to the center of your table. Bring out the cloth napkins for an extra lift! When choosing table linens, there’s no need to be monochromatic! We chose a coral and white striped runner, with natural fiber placemats so the greens of the salad can really pop! 

Keto Blackberry Cobbler

An extra tip to think about when hosting a Fourth of July meal al fresco, is the health and dietary preferences of your guests. A rule of thumb is to opt for dishes that satisfy the most sensitive guests in the room. This yummy dessert does just that! Hello keto friendly, dairy free, and gluten free! 

Tip 3: It’s fun to keep your guests guessing with serving style! If you serve a family style entree, try an individually prepared dessert! These single serve ramekins are perfect for the summery, keto blackberry cobbler recipe!

Whatever or whoever you’re hosting and doing this Fourth of July, we hope this can serve as a resource for you! Don’t forget to track all of those meals and tag us in your pics! What are your plans for this Independence Day weekend? Tell us in the comments!