Healthi Interview Series: Elaina

Thursday, Mar 2, 2023 | Coaches, Lifestyle

Hello Healthi family, Coach Ashley here!

We’re kicking off a new series, interviewing Healthi Members on their weight loss journeys. If you are looking for more inspiration, motivation, maybe some real-life experiences of people and their weight loss journeys, look no further!

Today, I’m interviewing Healthi Member Elaina, who is down 125 pounds! Welcome Elaina!


Healthi: First, please introduce yourself! Tell us a little bit about you and the Healthi plan you chose.

Elaina: My name is Elaina and I started with the Healthi Better Balance Weight Loss Plan, but as of now I am on Carb Conscious. I started this journey in February 2020. My husband was so proud of me. I was at my highest weight of 285. I thought I had no problem being this size, I didn’t want to lose weight. It was just my husband and I. Then Covid hit in 2020 and everything was shutting down. Then, I got a stomach problem not related to Covid. The stomach problem helped me start losing weight. It took the doctor 9 months to diagnose me then in a month I was healed. I started to change my eating habits by giving up sugar, especially coke and candy bars. This was the road to a healthier me. I now have lost a total of 125 pounds and never want to gain my weight back.


Healthi: What motivated you to start your weight loss journey?

Elaina: As I was losing weight, I googled apps similar to Weight Watchers and I found iTrackbites, now known as Healthi. I asked my husband if I should join. He said, “No problem. Go ahead.”  I was starting to like my body and how I was feeling which helped keep me motivated. 


Healthi: How do you stay motivated to continue your weight loss journey?

Elaina: In August 2020 my husband passed away. I found out he was telling his sister how proud he was of me. He was my biggest cheerleader. I kept going for him and myself.  I will tell myself that I am doing this for my husband. I can do this, that’s what keeps me going.


Healthi: Have you tried losing weight before? If so, what worked for you and what didn’t work?

Elaina: Yes, I have tried many diets and gained the weight back. I can’t say anything worked or I would have been at my goal weight. Being consistent, finding food you can live on, and finding an exercise routine.


Healthi: What are your favorite healthy foods, and how do you incorporate them into your diet?  

Elaina: The healthy meals I like are protein coffee, oatmeal with blueberries and banana, and egg rolls in a bowl. I make protein coffee in the morning and I drink it throughout the morning. The oatmeal I eat for lunch or a snack. The egg rolls in a bowl I make for dinner all week.


Healthi: Have you incorporated exercise into your weight loss plan? If so, what types of exercise do you enjoy?

Elaina: Yes, I have incorporated exercise. I love how I feel after exercising. I started to hike during Covid because I could get out, be safe, and leave my worry behind. I enjoy looking at the beautiful scenery. I was proud of myself, the more I moved. I love walking, the stairclimber, and the gym.



Healthi: What do you think are the biggest obstacles to losing weight, and how do you plan to overcome them?

Elaina: Not getting upset with yourself. Tomorrow is a new day. Just start over. Going out to eat can be an obstacle too. If I go out, I bring healthy food options with me.


Healthi: How do you plan to maintain your weight loss once you reach your goal?

Elaina: Finding out how many calories I can eat to maintain my weight and keep exercising and moving. 


Healthi: What’s your go-to exercise playlist, and what’s your favorite workout song?

Elaina: I don’t have one song I listen to.  I love turning on the app 1025 The Vine.  The Christian music motivated me to keep going.


Healthi: If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?

Elaina: My protein coffee, eggs with avocado, and a banana. Coffee and eggs make me feel happy. It starts my day off in the right direction.


Healthi: What’s the most important lesson you’ve learned on your weight loss journey so far?

Elaina: Never give up. Don’t focus on yesterday. Start over today if you have to. Have fun.  Weight loss is a journey.  We’ve all got this!


Such an inspiring story! Thanks so much for chatting with us Elaina, and congrats on all of your hard work!