Healthi Interview Series: Coach Stefanie

Thursday, Mar 16, 2023 | Coaches, Lifestyle

Hello Healthi family, Coach Ashley here!


Welcome to the Healthi Interview Series where I’ll be interviewing Healthi Members on their weight loss journeys. If you are looking for more inspiration, motivation, maybe some real-life experiences of people and their weight loss journeys, look no further!

I’ll be chatting with not only Healthi Members, but Coaches as well, to bring some insight and fresh perspective on what it takes to lose weight and keep it off.  In these interviews, members will get to share details about their journeys, goals, motivation, food choices, exercises, and more! 

I hope these interviews bring you inspiration and motivation to help you in your journey! Whether you’re just starting your weight loss journey or you’re looking for new strategies to stay on track, there are many effective and sustainable ways to achieve your goals. With the help of your supportive Healthi Coaches and Members, and a commitment to healthy habits, you can reach your weight loss goals and live a happier, Healthi-er life.


Let’s get started! Today, I’m interviewing Community Coach Stefanie!


First, please introduce yourself! Tell us a little bit about you and the Healthi plan you chose.

Stefanie: My name is Stefanie, I’m in my mid 30s and recently became a mom (she’s one now). I joined Healthi several years ago when I decided WW was too expensive. While I love Better Balance, I have found that Calorie Command is the right plan for me and my lifestyle.


What motivated you to start your weight loss journey?

Stefanie: I have always been overweight but never felt it. One day I woke up and didn’t feel comfortable in my skin anymore. That day I decided it was time to lose weight.


How do you stay motivated to continue your weight loss journey?

Stefanie: By experimenting. I love trying new things, especially how to make stuff from scratch. I’ve made bread, jam, pasta etc.


Have you tried losing weight before? If so, what worked for you and what didn’t work?

Stefanie: I did Weight Watchers many years before in my home country of Germany. Having a great, supportive community was key for me. Being too restrictive, however, wasn’t good. While it helped me lose weight, it wasn’t great for my mental health.


What are your favorite healthy foods, and how do you incorporate them into your diet?

Stefanie: I love fat free greek yogurt and fruits. I like just snacking on fruit throughout the day. I am also a huge fan of veggie fries.


Have you incorporated exercise into your weight loss plan? If so, what types of exercise do you enjoy?

Stefanie: I have not. I actually have found that I don’t lose weight when I exercise. So I tend to not worry about exercising, but when I want to be active I try to just walk more.


What do you think are the biggest obstacles to losing weight, and how do you plan to overcome them?

Stefanie: I think your environment plays a big role. If they’re not supportive it’s so much harder. When I lived alone, losing weight was easy, but now that I’m married to someone who likes sweets it’s a lot tougher to say no.


How do you plan to maintain your weight loss once you reach your goal?

Stefanie: By relying on healthy habits. I was able to hold my weight for about 7 years last time and the thing that derailed me was entering different life circumstances.


If you could only eat one type of vegetable for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?

Stefanie: This is a tough one! I love all kinds of vegetables. But my all time favorite is corn. My husband makes fun of me because any time we have a dinner without veggies I’ll make myself some corn to go with it. I even put it on pizza!


What’s your favorite healthy snack to munch on?

Stefanie: Pretzels! They don’t feel like a diet food but you can have quite a bit for a low calorie snack.


What’s your go-to healthy meal when you’re short on time and need to eat something quick and nutritious?

Stefanie: Greek yogurt with frozen blueberries and some granola. If it’s more of a dinner I love just doing a baked potato with some veggies.


Greek yogurt is one my favorite go-to snacks, too! Thanks for the tips, Coach Stefanie!