Healthi Interview Series: ReRe

Thursday, Apr 13, 2023 | Coaches, Lifestyle

Hello Healthi family, Coach Ashley here!


Welcome to the Healthi Interview Series where I’ll be interviewing Healthi Members on their weight loss journeys. If you are looking for more inspiration, motivation, maybe some real-life experiences of people and their weight loss journeys, look no further!

I’ll be chatting with Healthi members and coaches to bring some insight and fresh perspective on what it takes to lose weight and keep it off.  In these interviews, members will get to share details about their journeys, goals, motivation, food choices, exercises, and more! 

I hope these interviews bring you inspiration and motivation to help you in your journey! Whether you’re just starting your weight loss journey or you’re looking for new strategies to stay on track, there are many effective and sustainable ways to achieve your goals. With the help of your supportive Healthi Coaches and Members, and a commitment to healthy habits, you can reach your weight loss goals and live a happier, Healthi-er life.


Today, I’m chatting with Healthi Member, ReRe! Welcome!


First, please introduce yourself! Tell us a little bit about you, your journey so far, and the Healthi plan you chose. 

ReRe: My name Is ReRe. I’m 41, mom of two little boys. I’m from Oklahoma and I’ve struggled with my weight all of my life. My mom died of diabetes complications when she was 55 and that has always haunted me. Right before Covid, I really started focusing on my health. I don’t follow a specific plan. I’ve tried several, but often get a little too obsessed. So I’m here for the support and community. And I focus on staying active and counting calories. 


What motivated you to start your weight loss journey? 

ReRe: My kids are my daily motivation. I want to live a long life for them, WITH them. I want to be able to chase them, and keep up! Also, I own it…I love clothes, and being healthy looks good on me! 


How do you stay motivated to continue your weight loss journey? 

ReRe: I think about the life being healthy gives me. Being able to be active with my family is so important. And avoiding health issues that run in my family also motivates me. 


Have you tried losing weight before? If so, what worked for you and what didn’t work? 

ReRe: Strict plans have never worked for me. I may lose, but I always gain it back. I’ve learned that I can’t follow a strict plan that I can’t maintain for life. I need carbs, fruit, and sweets! A life where I have to cut those completely is not for me!


What’s your favorite healthy snack to munch on when you’re feeling snacky? 

ReRe: I love a piece of deli meat and cheese! Or pistachios! I love the crunch of nuts!


Have you incorporated exercise into your weight loss plan? If so, what types of exercise do you enjoy?

ReRe: I’m a gym rat! I love the gym. I go every morning at 5:15 a.m. I do it all from pilates to spin to weight lifting! It’s amazing what that routine has done for me mind, body and soul!


What do you think are the biggest obstacles to losing weight, and how do you plan to overcome them? 

ReRe: I get obsessed with the scale. Ugh!!! I have to take breaks from weighing myself. I will go weeks without weighing. I need those breaks. 


How do you plan to maintain your weight loss once you reach your goal? 

ReRe: Keep doing what I’m doing: watching my diet, exercise and loving myself every day. 


What’s your go-to healthy meal when you’re short on time and need to eat something quick and nutritious? 

ReRe: Grilled chicken and brown rice! I love my indoor grill! And I like to keep brown rice cooked and ready to go!


What is the most important lesson you’ve learned on your weight loss journey so far? 

ReRe: To celebrate every loss! .2 is as big of a celebration at 2 pounds! 


If you could go back in time and give yourself one piece of weight loss advice, what would it be?

ReRe: Fads and trend diets aren’t long term results for me. Slow and steady wins the race!


I love your motivation! Thanks so much for sharing, ReRe!