Healthy Desk Snacks for Going Back to Work

Monday, Jul 26, 2021 | App Help, Lifestyle

Happy Monday Everyone!

With many of us returning to our normal work settings, we thought we would talk about some good and healthy snacks to keep on our desks throughout the day. We know that it’s easy to feel low-energy after at different times of the day, so instead of insisting on more coffee, or going for the bag of chips, let’s reach for the good stuff!

A little mid-morning or post-lunch snack is always a good mental break from work, that can help you refocus and power through the day. Generally, a sustainable snack is going to have some nutritional value in the form of protein, fat, and/or fiber, so we should keep our eye out for snacks rich in these. 

Finding a Balance

Here are some snack-worthy foods that will help you get through the work day, including both pre-packaged options and homemade snacks. Maybe try a few different ideas to figure out what best suits your tastes and nutritional needs. 

  1. Trail Mix/Nuts– There’s a reason trail mix is such a classic snack. It’s easy to mix it up, it’s filled with protein, and super delicious! Try to go for low-sodium nuts when possible and no sugar added dried fruits to keep out unwanted calories. 
  2. Apples and peanut butter– Another classic combo we all love. Peanut butter and apples, which balances high protein, high fiber and healthy fats for a perfect pick-me-up.
  3. Greek yogurt– Plain, unsweetened greek yogurt can easily be spiced up with any fruit, nuts, etc, while remaining a delicious, low-calorie snack.
  4. Carrots and hummus– Hummus is packed with fiber, protein and healthy fats and goes with anything from carrots to pretzel crisps.
  5. Turkey and cheese roll-ups– Prepare a few of these before work for an easy, high-protein snack. Turkey and cheese are both rich sources of the many vitamins and minerals necessary for energy production.

What’s on our desks?

Even if you’re still working from home, it doesn’t hurt to keep some nutritious snacks around to keep you energized and productive! If you need some extra inspiration, here’s what on the desks of all our team members over here at Healthi:

Marketing Team!

Shaun: Roasted almonds

Alli: Peanut butter filled pretzels, Granola bites 

Jordan: Protein Shake for coffee, 100 calorie pack snacks (chips, peanuts, etc.), Veggie Straws

Olivia: Grapes, Tangerines, Veggie Straws 

Isa: Almond butter filled pretzels, Overnight oats 

Product Team!

Manuel: PB&J crackers 

Andrew: Carrots and hummus 

Martiniano: Different flavored cereal bars

Oscar: Protein bars, Chilky cookies 

Stephanie: Walnuts, Berries, Greek yogurt 

Joe: Watermelon