Healthy Grocery Swaps

Saturday, Aug 7, 2021 | Uncategorized

Welcome to the weekend everyone!

Before a new week begins (aka another week of grocery shopping), we thought we could talk about some easy, healthy grocery swaps that will keep us satisfied all while saving calories!

Typically, unless we’re hunting down the ingredients to a new recipe, our trips to the grocery store can tend to look the same. We can spot our go-to cereals, snacks, and yogurts from a mile away. Before we even take a closer look at the other options, they’re in our cart and we’re on to the next aisle. 

Nix the calories and sugar, without getting hungry

Here, we’re taking a closer look at some of our regular buys. By doing this, we can find easy ways to save calories, watch our sugar intake, and look out for other important factors that will keep us on track in our health journey. These alternatives are super tasty and comparable to the originals, without varying much in price. 

1/ Yogurt: Choosing a non-fat greek yogurt is an easy way to cut some calories with a similar tasting option. Greek yogurt is high in protein, low in sugar, and also leaves you some room (in calories) for adding your own toppings, like berries or granola.

2/ Crackers: We all have our favorite cracker snacks that we pick up every time we pass them in the store- and we know that it can be hard to stray from our regulars. The gluten-free Nut-Thins, made from rice and almonds, are just as craveable as any other cracker. When comparing the 6 triscuits you get for 120 cal to the 9 Nut-Thins you get for 65 cal, it seems the Nut-Thins are the easy bet.

3/ Juice: As we know, juices can be loaded with sugar. With this in mind, choosing a light juice is always our best option. Trop 50 is just as delicious, has 50% less sugar and calories, and cost the same price! It’s a no-brainer!

These swaps make eating what we want, when we want a little more attainable. By seeking out our best options for any product, we can be more efficient and effective in our weight-loss journeys. If you’ve made some recent swaps, feel free to comment them below!

Have a great weekend!