Hello October! A Look Back at Our September Reset

Friday, Oct 1, 2021 | Lifestyle

Hi all! Happy Friday, October 1st!

It’s no secret that the first day of October often serves as the turning point for people to feel like it’s officially fall! Although of course the season started a few weeks ago- October just hits different! If you’ve been around here often, you have probably been in the Autumn spirit for awhile! The day after Labor Day we launched an initiative called “The Healthi September Reset- 25 Days of Tracking”. We wanted a way to encourage and support our members through the month that notoriously gets us off track! We are so thrilled and proud to say that as of today, those 25 Days are officially DONE!! 

Now- don’t get it twisted, we want to encourage and support you through food tracking EVERYday! We just know that September always serves as an abruptly busy month compared to the fun, lax pace of the summer. Furthermore, the moment the temperatures drop it’s so easy for us to give in to all temptations around pumpkin spice this, and caramel drizzle that, and don’t even get us started on chili and cornbread! I mean really… who wants to eat a salad in the fall? 

That being said, we were so thrilled to conduct this campaign. We were even more thrilled to see your incredible participation! Many of you are committed to daily tracking no matter what we post or share! Which we love! But we also know that forming that habit can be quite a feat- which is why we stepped in! With our deepest gratitude and joy- we want to say THANK YOU for participating in our reset!! 

We would really love to know your story around the reset. Did you participate? Were you already consistently tracking every day? Did you enjoy our tracking hacks and encouragements on Instagram and Facebook? Did the challenge form any new or different habits in your life? Did you see any weight loss results? Even if you started off strong and lost motivation a few days or weeks in- we still want to know! 🙂 We would love for you to share your story/ experience down in the comments below! 

In case you want more structure and encouragement like the previous campaign- Coach Lisa is still running her 100 Day Challenge- Healthier by Halloween & Thinner by Thanksgiving! Click HERE to read the original post about that, and HERE to read the 5 week check in blog! It’s definitely not too late to join! 

Happy Tracking all, and happy HAPPY October!