How To Deal With Summer Treats

Thursday, Aug 4, 2022 | Coaches, Featured, Lifestyle

Hi Coach Jeri Here! 

Every season brings in a plethora of foods that we associate with that time of year. Some are our favorites that we look forward to and some may bring on an aspect of fear that it may steer us off plan. 

What is so different about today, versus 30 years ago, is the easy access to the internet. All you have to do is Google how to lighten up your favorite treats and “Voila” tons will come up. 

I have to admit summer is my favorite. I love ice cream and barbecues. But with a bit of creativity you can turn your summer fun into reality that keeps you on plan. 

You can enjoy summer socializing without feeling like a victim. One of the best parts of summer is all the fruit in season. I was recently in Italy and on a warm day of sightseeing we went into a bakery with many luscious treats. My husband and I both chose a cold piece of watermelon. Even though I love Gelato that watermelon hit the spot. Its also easy to lighten up your favorite summer drinks with a bit a creativity. There are hot dog substitutes and lower fat options. Vegetables and dip is always a great option, as is fruit with desert. 

Once you become aware of the ways you can use foods to substitute some high BITE/calorie ingredients you will start to fill empowered. 

Years ago I learned how to lighten a cake mix by using a can of soda or pineapple. By trying to modify some of your favorite foods to fit into your new way of life you are making the necessary lifestyle changes that will lead to success. 

Being smart about what we eat, the amount of calories or BITES, plus moving regularly, is the most realistic way to take off weight permanently and safely. Making these habits part of a lifestyle will go a long way to avoid becoming repeat offenders. 

For a long time I was in that club as well. Take time to have fun and use the time to research your favorites. Last summer I wrote a blog with some of my favorite summer desserts. For new members here is the LINK for the article with some the recipes.