How To: Fight the Sunday Scaries

Saturday, Sep 26, 2020 | Uncategorized

We’ve all been there. It’s about 2:00pm on Sunday afternoon. You’re feeling okay. Then it hits you- in just about 16 hours, you’ve got to get kids to school and/ or yourself to work. And suddenly, you’re not feeling so okay. You’re feeling preemptive stress, and an overwhelming sense to doubletime get everything possible accomplished, as soon as possible. These, my friends, are called the Sunday Scaries.

I know what you’re thinking, “okay- but it’s only Saturday?”. Exactly! The easiest way to be stressed out on Sundays? Leaving things till Sunday! Based on some personal observations, and simple research, here are the four easiest ways to fight the Sunday scaries!

Make a list, then erase half of it.

Americans are notorious for trying to be too productive on weekends. It usually comes from a good place of organization, keeping things in line, and wanting to get things done. However, the easiest way to overload your weekend plans, is to overload your weekend plans. Simplify! Pick 3 tasks instead of 7. While it is lucrative to have a general grasp of things you’d like to accomplish over the weekend. Stop thinking of how many things that you can cram into your weekend to-do lists, and start thinking about how great it will be to just sit for awhile. 

Say No

It is absolutely okay to say no to weekend commitments. Meaning this: when a relative asks to watch their kids last minute and you had plans to relax and regroup over the weekend… you are NOT a terrible person for saying no. Sometimes you just can’t swing that birthday dinner, or that game. And that is okay. Spend some time figuring out what really fills your tank up with soul fuel, and do that! That way, you have more to pour out during the week. 

Spark Some Joy

No matter the schedule you have. No matter how many games your kids have. No matter what your significant other needs. Do something that sparks true joy for yourself. One of the main reasons we view Sunday night as scary is because it’s a feeling of “us time” being over and the work week beginning. It’s such a sweet feeling to look back at the weekend and think “well at least I did this or that”. Light a new candle. Take a midmorning workout class. Treat yourself to a craft coffee from your favorite shop. We recommend this book if sparking joy is a hard place to get to, for you. 

Face the Facts

Let’s get to the root of the problem. Naming why you feel down or stressed is one of the best ways to pull yourself out of that. Usually we feel this way on weekends because we have a busy work schedule ahead of us. Well, let’s tactically think about it. Maybe we omit one thing from this week’s list. Maybe we ask for help with the kids one day. Or, maybe we just take 5 minutes to realize- it’s just work/ it’s just school. Find something that you’re grateful for in that business, and be at peace with what’s ahead. 

We hope this hopes you enter the weekend feeling excited yet relaxed. As you start filling up your Saturday and Sunday to-do lists, stop and think, “when will I rest and recharge?”. Cut and edit as needed. If you’re feeling like Sundays aren’t the problem, but mornings are, check out this post we did. Anything or anyone you pour into will be so better served by a filled up version of you.