How To Maintain A Healthy Heart And Body

Friday, Jan 13, 2023 | Activity, Coaches, Featured, Lifestyle

We have all heard the saying “You are what you eat” and nutritional science has proven that to be a fact. Along with other health changes like exercise, good sleep, and not smoking, good eating habits are especially essential to good health. Most people will agree that when they are eating well they feel better. Here is a list of foods we need to stay away from and what alternatives can be put in place instead:


  1. It’s best to try and limit Red meat. Instead move more towards fish and shellfish, chicken. When having red meat make sure it is a lean cut, not drowned in sauce, and limit it to once a week or less. Most meats in Fast Foods are not prime meat and are loaded with sodium.


  1. Fried Foods up the calorie count and absorb the fat during the frying process. Instead, try baking or using an air fryer. Adding a little olive oil and seasoning you can still have that satisfying experience.


  1. Processed Meat. Hot dogs, Bacon, sausages, and Salami are loaded with carcinogens, fat, and sodium. There is very little nutrition in these foods. Vegetable alternatives like Morning Star hot dogs and burgers are fewer calories and give you that taste you crave.




  1. Baked packaged goods. This is a hard one for most as we all have a sweet tooth. Massed-produced cookies, cakes, and pastries are loaded with sugar, fat, and preservatives. They are dense in calories and low in nutrition. This is the category we most have trouble with. Hardly anyone can have just one cookie. Instead, make your own with heart-healthy foods like oatmeal, applesauce, and egg whites. Or buy small portions.


  1. Read Nutrition Labels. The first five ingredients are the most important. Look for real food and check the amounts of Carbs, Fats, Sodium, and Calories. This will give you an idea of what is actually in that food. Despite trends of net carbs and Keto some foods are still way too high in Calories and Fat.


  1. Eating breakfast is the best way to start the day. More and more studies have shown that breakfast helps you get the day off to the best possible start. Giving your body energy and fuel to your brain. Warding off hunger so you don’t grab the wrong foods mid-morning.


Healthy foods are called power foods. These foods that be the basis for every meal. Vegetables, Fruits, Lean Proteins and whole grains, low-fat dairy. These foods will give you the most vitamins and nutrition to keep your heart and body healthy. As most of us want to get the extra weight off at the same time we want to be medication free and not have to deal with the many ailments that come with an unhealthy lifestyle and body. Plan your meals around power foods. Within a few short days of a moderate eating plan and slowly eliminating some unhealthy foods many have said they felt better in a short time. As I have said in my previous articles I was able to reverse blood glucose levels by making food changes without medication. These small changes along with exercise can make a big difference in overall health today and every day. You will be happier, thinner, healthier, and live longer.


Author: Jerylan Zacarese