How To Make Weight Loss Fun

Monday, Jun 15, 2020 | Featured

Author: Healthi Coach, Mindy Matus

When we think about losing weight the LAST thing that comes to mind is having fun. But why is that? It’s because we, as a society, have been conditioned to believe having to lose weight is a punishment and a deprivation.

We need to flip the switch and change our perspective and I’m here to help you do just that. Have fun with motivation. Let’s be real, without motivation, we got nothing. Nada…. zero, zip, zilch. Because, without motivation, you’re not going to stick to your plan. So why not make it fun??

Look online for some fun motivational quotes, or make your own. Set one to your wallpaper or lock screen on your phone so it’s often visible. Find a weight loss buddy to help keep you motivated. Working out with a partner can be fun. Also, download a fun weight loss app, such as Healthi, to keep track of all your nutrition and activity.

Another thing that can be motivating are anchors. An anchor is an item that reminds you of “your why”, the reason your on this journey, and of your goals. A fun bracelet or a special keychain picked out to reflect your reasonings to lose weight, for example, can keep you focused. And what better way to stay inspired than seeing your success?

Tangible visible aides, such as weight loss jars and fun colorful weight-loss trackers spotlight how far you’ve come in your journey. Look online or on Pinterest for lots of fun ideas.

Having fun with nutrition can also help. Join some online healthy recipe groups for inspiration. You could also take some cooking classes to change things up a bit.

Having a special set of dinnerware in bright colors or a fun lunchbox can make mealtime more enjoyable. Get creative with your meals. Host a healthy dinner party where invitees bring a healthy dish with nutritional information. Also, you can host a healthy theme night for your family such as, Mexican food night, or Chinese.

Another great idea is to start a garden. It can be as small or as large as you’d like. It will help inspire you to get more healthy foods on your plate.

There are lots of ways to make healthy eating fun, you just need to be creative. Probably the hardest part of living a healthy lifestyle is physical activity. Most people just don’t find it enjoyable. We can change that. But how??

Well, first off, you need to find an activity you enjoy. You’re not going to stick to a workout you hate doing. Another way to make working out more fun is to get some fun new workout clothes. If you’re planning on joining a gym, a new gym bag can also be motivating. Set it somewhere you can see it daily before heading out the door.

Having a workout buddy can also be fun and keep you on track. Check out Classpass or groupon for fun group workout programs, or look to your local community. Many churches and city organizations offer free or low cost classes. Outside of the gym, there are many other fun ways to get your activity in. YouTube has plenty of fun workouts for free. There are also plenty of apps you can download, such as Fiton to keep a fun variety on your workouts. You can also take your dog for a walk or to a local dog park. Or take your kids to a trampoline park and join in the fun. Doing something healthy with the family is inspiring because it benefits everyone.

Weight loss doesn’t have to be boring. Taking care of yourself and being healthy is a very positive experience. Think outside the box and just get creative. With a light hearted attitude, you can make it enjoyable and fun because you are worth it!