How to: Share and Comment on Meal Plans

Wednesday, May 26, 2021 | App Help, Lifestyle, Uncategorized

Hi all! Happy Wednesday! 

Lately, our new Meal Plan update has been all of the buzz! Many of you are new adopters to Healthi PRO, which means that you are now officially a part of Community Meal Plans! We thought it would be helpful to write up a simple tutorial on how to share and comment on Healthi Meal Plans! Those two features are some of our favorites newest releases, so we want to make sure our users are informed and excited about this fun new capability. 

We shared a simple Getting Started with Meal Plans blog post, HERE. We recommend reading that first, then popping back over here! We also wrote a post called How to Write the Best Meal Plan, and you can find that post HERE

Start by tapping the Meal Plans icon in the bottom left of the menu bar. Once you select a Meal Plan to follow, you’ll see this screen to view the whole week’s worth of meals and info. It’s here that you can select the button in the upper right side, which allows you to share this Meal Plan.

Chose whether you’d like to share this Meal Plan within the app or outside of the app. This tutorial walks you through sharing Meal Plans inside of the app. By selecting “Share on Community”, you’ll be able to do just that.

You could just share the Meal Plan straight away. However, you will probably gain more traffic and attention by typing out an inspiring message with your plan. See the caption below for an example. Click NEXT to continue to posting.

Next, you’ll see a list of categories or groups to share this post with. Select one or more that seem fitting for your message!

Once you select a category, you’ll be allowed to POST. Simply tap the bottom green button to make your post public.

And voila! 

Next, we’ll walk through the comment section of Meal Plans. To read and create comments, you’ll need to go back to the original screen of your Meal Plan. The same place that we started for sharing the plans! Simply tap the Comments section of the Meal Plan page and your screen will immediately shift to that. Again, you can both read and create comments in this section.

At the bottom of the comment section, you should see a text box ready to be typed in! Begin by tapping that box. A keyboard will immediately appear.

Once you’ve typed out your comment, simply click the green arrow button to publish your note. Be aware that any comment you make on a Meal Plan is in public view. Always remain kind and positive! 🙂

There you have it! Your comment will now be live for everyone to read. In addition to the other comments for that plan, specifically.


We hope this simple tutorial was helpful for you. Again, there has been so much buzz and excitement around this product feature. We simply want to equip you with everything that you need to be successful in the Healthi app. We know that if you find success within our app, it will shine through into your health and wellness journey! What tutorials would you all like to see next? Leave a comment below!

Happy Tracking!