How to Track Your Meals (with a Demo)

Wednesday, Jan 20, 2021 | App Help, Featured

Hi all! Rachel here!

One of the biggest questions or concerns that we get with new members is “how do you get used to tracking? Isn’t it a lot of work?”. The answer of course is NO! It isn’t a lot of work and the benefits far out weigh the time or effort. Endless studies show that keeping inventory of what you eat is the most important step in changing what you eat!

As an avid tracker (going on a few years now) I thought it would be beneficial for me to walk you through the exact steps in tracking your food. I skipped the last few days of tracking my meals in order to best display just how simple and quick this discipline is! You’ll see just how simple it is to even back track on your meals. I highly encourage watching my video, if this is a totally new practice to you. However, if you want the one sentence abridged version, it’s this- Start tracking your food! It isn’t nearly the amount of work or time or effort that it’s made out to be. Most importantly, your body and your health are worth it!

Enjoy my YouTube video HERE! Find more of my videos, meals, workouts, and happenings HERE!

Happy Tracking!