Spring Bucket List

Saturday, Mar 20, 2021 | Lifestyle, Uncategorized

Hi friends and happy Saturday!

As of TODAY it is officially spring!! It feels like the sun is shining brighter already! In celebration of this change in season, we thought it would be fun to share a simple checklist that we created to enjoy all that spring has to offer! We hope at least one of these adventures finds its way into your schedule. And if it does? Share it with us!! Use #itrackbitescommunity or #itbspringbucketlist to share your happy times!

Start and follow a meal plan

Oh you KNOW we can help you here!! If you’re not already an Healthi PRO member, we highly recommend upgrading to become one! You’ll instantly have tracking access to tons of yummy recipes and meal plans! If you’re still hesitant or you just want a sneak preview, click HERE or HERE for two free previews into Healthi Meal Plans!

Plant a small herb garden

There’s just something special about growing then using your own herbs. Especially when they taste better that way! We recommend starting with a small plant that’s low commitment like basil or rosemary. Put it on your kitchen counter or in your window seal for easy access We have a good feeling that you’ll be hooked! Maybe this time next year you can have an entire vegetable garden!

Listen to a new podcast

We can’t give too much away yet, but let’s just say that in a few weeks, we’ll have a VERY relevant suggestion here! What are you listening to now? Anything health or wellness related?

Host a picnic dinner party

It’s never been a better time to host an old fashioned picnic! It can be socially distanced and safe. The weather is warming up. AND the sun is out longer! Pick a fun grassy spot, grab your favorite oversized quilt, and pack up that bread and cheese! Get a few of your pals together and enjoy all that spring weather has to offer over a casual, yet meaningful meal al fresco!

Mix a low BITE cocktail

Sometimes you just want a cocktail! We definitely won’t be the ones to stop you! Especially when there are so many great low-cal/ low-BITE options out there! Here’s our favorite: