Keto Fast Food Guide: Chick-fil-A

Thursday, Aug 29, 2019 | Uncategorized

Have you ever had the grilled chicken at Chick-fil-a? It’s delicious. Even better? It’s totally acceptable to eat on the ketogenic diet. Let’s give it up for grilled chicken!


Nutritional facts for Keto Friendly Chick-fil-A Breakfast Sandwich Options:
*No bun/english muffin


You can also get any of the hash brown scrambles without hash browns and without the wrap. You can get them with either grilled chicken or sausage.

Nutritional facts for Keto Friendly Chick-fil-A Chicken Options:
*No bun, ketchup or sauces


Low-Carb Chik-fil-a Dipping Sauces:


Chick-fil-A Salads:

You can get a cobb salad, but make sure you get it with grilled chicken and without the Avocado Lime dressing.

Low-Carb Chick-fil-A Dressings:


If you’re looking for something you can’t find here, click here to find more nutrition information.

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