Mark Your Calendars for our September Reset- 25 Days of Tracking!

Wednesday, Sep 1, 2021 Featured, Lifestyle

Hi all! Happy Wednesday! 

If you follow us on Instagram or Facebook, this post probably won’t be a surprise to you. With the commencement of another school year, and fall on the horizon; we think everyone is craving a little bit of normalcy and routine. That’s why, starting next Tuesday, we’re hosting a 25 day, September reset! What does that mean? Well- it can mean whatever you want! We’re hoping to see it manifest as 25 days of consistently tracking our food and creating new habits. We know that, with our encouragement and tracking hacks, you can take control of your habits and transform your daily priorities and temptations. This could also serve as a hyper focused, zoomed in version of Coach Lisa’s current 100 Day Challenge. The two are designed to be done in tandem or separately. 

We’ve also seen that the majority of our active users are great trackers on Sundays, Mondays and Tuesdays. Wednesday through Saturday, however… is a different story. So we took a step back and took a long hard look at all of the data and tracking habits that we’ve seen over the years, to figure out a way to best serve our users. What we realized is that the fall is typically the season that we see the least amount of success in goals reached, weight lost and even just food tracked. How on earth can we combat that?? We want our users to see success all year long! Not just when it’s trending on Twitter! 

In a recent study by HealthLine, it was found that 74% of people saw significant weight loss results while tracking their food and activity, in comparison to people who did not track their food and activity. Although, we already knew that to be true here at Healthi 😉 we’re thrilled to know that other researchers are validating our mission! 

It’s often said that if you do something well at least 1,000 times, you can be considered an expert. Don’t worry, we won’t ask you to track your food 1,000 times in one month! However, we think that by doing something well, and consistently, for these 25 days, that you will DEFINITELY see a lifestyle shift. And furthermore, we don’t think you need to be a nutrition expert to properly maintain healthy habits.

With allllll of that being said, we’re so excited to host “25 Days of Tracking” for you all. We’ll be absolutely exploding our social media channels with tracking hacks, recipe ideas, meal planning help, interesting statistics, and so much more. This reset/ tracking challenge will start the Tuesday after labor day, and run through Friday, October first. We know that the fall is a really hard time to stay on track. We think by setting these good, disciplined, habits early- we can flatten the typical autumn slump. We hope you join us in 25 Day of Tracking, starting next week! Drop a comment below, (or head over to our Instagram page to leave a comment there) if you’re in!! 

Happy Tracking!