Your Meal Plan Questions, Answered!!

Monday, Jan 11, 2021 | Uncategorized

Hi Friends! Welcome to our new segment- Meal Plan Mondays!

As you (hopefully) saw at the beginning of the month/ year we rolled out an entirely new feature in our app, MEAL PLANS! Yay! If you’re totally and completely confused, click HERE to read our introduction to this awesome new feature. 

When we launched this update, many of you were eager and curious! Which we loved! We posted a question box on our Instagram Stories to get a feel for the specific things that you all wanted to know. Without further adieu, our meal plans FAQ’s! 

Is this an Healthi PRO feature? 

Yes! You will need to be an Healthi PRO subscriber in order to take advantage of this new feature. Don’t fret though, at $29.99 a year, Healthi is hundreds of $$$’s cheaper than those other companies that advertise on TV! Click HERE to upgrade! 

Where/ how do I access the meal plan feature? 

First and foremost, make sure your app is up to date. Go to the Apple app store or Google Play store to make sure that you’re using the latest version of the app. Once you’ve installed the update, you’ll notice that the footer of the app (bottom section of your screen) is a little different. We moved your profile to the top left corner of your main “Tracker” section (hint: look for your smiling profile pic), and added a “Meal Plan” section to the bottom menu bar! See below. 

For Carb Conscious which meal plan should I follow? 

We’ll take this one step further; each weight loss plan has several different variants of meal plans AND only the meal plans for your weight loss plan will be shown to you. For example: if you are following Carb Conscious, the meal plan options that you’re seeing on the app are already designed specifically for Carb Conscious! Same goes for each of the six weight loss plans.

Is there a way to check substitutions? (Ex: lactose free ingredients)

Any recipe or ingredient, spice, nut, etc., can be switched up! Once you “start” a meal plan, it’s all yours and gets integrated into your daily tracker. Meaning, you can change, add, or substitute as you normally would on your tracking screen. For example, if you don’t want tomorrow’s breakfast item on the meal plan, simply don’t track it and rather eat and track what you do want. Or if you want another snack during the day, add it in! It won’t change the public meal plan for other members, only you. As far as dietary restrictions go, we recommend that you take a good look at the grocery list feature before committing to a meal plan. If you can’t eat fish but the meal plan is pescatarian based, then that might not be a productive choice. 

How do I change my meal plan options on the app if I want to switch my weight loss plan? 

Again, each meal plan is custom for that corresponding weight loss plan. If you change your weight loss plan, any meal plan that is in process will be cancelled. You will then be able to choose and start a meal plan designed for your new weight loss plan. 

How do I adjust the BITES to my plan if I manually changed my daily BITE allowance? 

Once you start a Meal Plan it is integrated into your tracking screen. This allows you to not only easily track the foods on the meal plan, but also to simply add, edit or remove foods. If your BITE allowance is greater than what the Meal Plan includes, you can add additional foods as needed by tracking as you normally would. The Meal Plans are guides, they can be followed strictly or adjusted to suit your requirements.

Can we set up our own meal plans? And maybe even share them with other users? 

Very very soon! 😉

Can we mix and match different meal plans into one new one? 

Again, very very soon. The team is already hard at work on what we’re calling the Meal Plans 2.0 and this will include the ability for Members to create their own meal plan, share meal plans, copy and edit meal plans, and collaborate with other members on Meal Plans. 

We hope this small Q&A session was helpful. When creating the meal plan feature, our number one priority was ease. The goal was to defeat the age-old notion of healthy eating being complex and confusing. We wanted to design a way for people to start a wellness journey with absolutely no intimidation of what, when, and how much to eat. Drop any more of your Healthi Meal Plan questions in the comments below!

Happy Tracking!