New “In the Kitchen with Healthi” Series

Wednesday, Jul 7, 2021 | Lifestyle

Hi all! Happy Wednesday! 

Picture this: an all new way to consume, save, and engage in cooking videos! No food network subscription necessary! We’re constantly getting requests for recipe ideas, cooking tutorials, easy meal ideas, and low calorie food hacks! Thankfully, we have a few people on our team that are experts in that area! Starting today, (cue confetti!!) we’re partnering up with two of our good friends, and brand ambassadors, in an effort to spotlight their talents while satisfying and inspiring our Instagram community. In short, we want to launch the Healthi food network on our Instagram and TikTok for YOU!

First things first, let’s introduce our ladies of the hour: our in-house Insta-chefs! 

Genie Sheikah

Genie is an influencer in every sense of the word! As a full time food blogger, she’s constantly serving food + prep inspiration. Genie has been a brand ambassador for Healthi since the Fall of 2020. We love how flexible and fluid she is with the weight loss plans. She never pigeon holes herself, her family, or her beloved recipes into one category or another. As you all know, that’s a cornerstone of the Healthi app! Genie is a great source for simple yet delicious meal ideas that won’t break the BITE bank. Her first Instagram reel went live today! And we’ll continue to post her videos every Wednesday! Find today’s recipe card below! 

Allie Hancock

Allie knows a thing or two (or 50!!) about the kitchen! She’s a certified Chef and mom of three little kiddos! In just a little over the span of a year, Allie lost over one hundred pounds! She’s paid her dues both in cooking AND weight loss! Always prioritizing her family and their needs; she works tirelessly to provide meals and inspiration that are yummy AND nutritious! Allie’s first video premiers on Sunday morning, on our Instagram feed. Be sure to set post notifications on our profile, so you don’t miss our newest video drops! 

Again, we get endless requests for this style of content from our members. So we decided, who else better to inspire the community, than our fellow community members! We want to create a rolling, consistent, and collaborative series that is helpful and fun to watch. Click HERE to follow us on Instagram to enjoy our new Food Network Series!