New Year’s Encouragement from Coach Jeri

Friday, Dec 30, 2022 | Lifestyle

Hi friends! Coach Jeri here!

I hope you and your loved ones enjoyed a safe and joyful coming and going of the New Year! Originally I wrote this as an encouragement for January 1st, regarding all of us who started a new goal or journey. However, I think sometimes we get caught up in the excitement of holidays. Sometimes we don’t even really think about the mental commitment of a New Year’s resolution. Here’s my best advice for all of us who are coming down from the “holiday high” and ready to make a change.

Whether you are 10 pounds over or 200 New Year’s Day is D-day in the ranks of overeaters. What promises will you make this year? To exercise more? Not eat carbs? Not eat after 8pm? We are so motivated and hopeful in the beginning, but how often in the past have we lost motivation all too soon. This time, your New Year’s promise doesn’t just have to be brave words flung at the calendar. This year, you have 365 new chances to get on a plan that works. No miracle, fast plans, or fads that don’t have long-term success. 


It’s the time you get off the see-saw!

The one that has had you going up and down on the scale. Let’s try to stop saying “YES” to one bite that doesn’t count. Every bite counts! Research has shown that tracking good and bad food seems to lessen the damage. Every time we say no to that one little bite seems to make us stronger. Even if it does seem minuscule!

The problem with one little bite is that it tends to lead to several more. If we track it and portion it out, the damage seems to be far less. By giving ourselves permission and being honest the guilt doesn’t mushroom into failure. The trick is: to stop worrying about pounds and time in relation to each other. It takes as long as it takes. You will live through those days, weeks, and months either on a path to your new promise of success or overwhelmed by a diet disaster. That’s just part of it. 


Little successes lead to big successes. Let go of your past failures!

It’s a new year! Feeling guilty about the high-calorie food you ate yesterday is not productive. What does count is what you eat today and what your plan is for tomorrow? Before you reach for that extra bite ask yourself “Have I said yes to a fresh new start ? Will I make an effort to eat healthily and stop demanding perfection from myself and plan to succeed not fail?”. This has been a tough year for so many of us, But today is a new day and a new year and this is the year we will be successful.


Happy New Year to all!!