Our Favorite End of Summer Produce

Friday, Sep 9, 2022 | Coaches, Lifestyle

Coach Mindy here, wishing you all a Happy September! Summer is wrapping up with many of us now back to school. Make sure to pack some veggies and fresh fruits and there are plenty in season this month. Let’s look at some of my favorite produce in season here at the end of summer.


Yum…. there are so many things you can do with apples. They are so nutritious too!! Apples are chock-full of fiber and antioxidants. Including apples in your diet can help lower the risks of many chronic conditions, including diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. Apples may also promote weight loss and improve gut and brain health. Look here for some great ideas for apples. https://healthiapp.com/blog/the-importance-of-an-apple-a-day/


A lot of people turn up their noses at beets because they can be bitter and taste like dirt. The trick is roasting them. This will bring out their natural sweetness. Beets are high in fiber and promote the growth of good bacteria in your gut, which is important for weight loss.
Add roasted beets to your salads, smoothies, and sandwiches.

Bell Peppers

These amazing night shades are in season through September. Bell peppers are very high in Vitamin C and A. They are also a good source of Vitamin B6 and Vitamin E. My favorite way to eat them is raw with some low fat dip. You can also sauté them and add to wraps, eggs, and casseroles. It’s also fun to stuff them with a protein like ground turkey or chicken and bake in the oven.


We are right at the tail end of blackberry season. Blackberries are packed with Vitamin C . They are a great source of fiber and also contain a lot of vitamin K and manganese. Blackberries are also a rich source of antioxidants like catechins. This is important because catechins help activate fat-burning genes in belly-fat cells.
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I believe that carrots are one of the most version vegetable. They can be savory or sweet, depending on how you cook them. They go great in smoothies, they are great raw, or in salads. I love me some steamed carrots with a little honey and garlic. They are also a nutritional power house. Rich in beta carotene and fiber, which helps in blood sugar regulation.

There you have it. My favorite end of summer produce. Getting a variety of plants is important not only for general health, but for weight loss too. Giving our bodies all the nutrients it needs helps keep cravings at bay.