Plating Perception and the Food Police

Monday, May 3, 2021 | Featured, Lifestyle, Uncategorized

Hi all! Coach Lisa here!

I had a conversation with a friend, recently about not being able to eat as much we put on our plate. It got me thinking about perceptions. I don’t think she meant the comment as anything other than a statement of fact – she was just saying she couldn’t eat that much. Fair enough! Keep in mind – we all are at different places in this journey, we have different dietary restrictions and needs, different goals, and different calorie targets. We all have a common goal of health and wellness. I think that should be enough to overpower the comparison battle!

What someone at 250 pounds needs daily is very different to someone who is at 150 pounds. Some people are Hobbits eating 6 small meals a day, others are doing intermittent fasting and only eat in a certain window, some eat fewer but larger meals, some only eat organics. In my case, I only eat twice a day and very rarely snack so to meet my BITES and Calories goals, I have larger meals… At the end of the day – there really is no one cookie cutter answer.

In this specific example she was referring to – the plate was 1/2 salad, another 1/4 vegetables (squash and chickpeas) and finally a 1/2 cup quinoa and 6 oz turkey. It was plated to show the salad ingredients and spread out over the whole plate. It does look like a lot of food and how are you to know how much of something there is? Okay, that’s fair. Having said that though, there are people who are quite the opposite.

I have had comments about the quantity/volume, quality (processed vs organic etc) and product choices of my meals, both online and in person, for years. If you follow me on YouTube or Instagram you know I am a pretty open book about my journey and when you put yourself out there like that, of course you are going to get criticism.

  • Are you sure you should be eating that?
  • Wow! Are you really going to eat all that?
  • Can you have that on your “diet”?
  • You know you shouldn’t be eating carbs like that right?
  • Why don’t you try [x]?
  • You know you should be using [insert latest trend of shake, powder, pill]?

Thank you, but back seat driving assistance is not needed at this time from anyone other than my doc. You don’t like it when someone tries to give you unsolicited advice on raising your kids or the choices you make regarding money or family or your job or whatever else they comment on- same here. This is a “stay in your own lane” kinda thing.

Yes – I can “have” that!

There are a million and one responses to each of these factious comments. Some are nicer than others. You know what your body needs- so smile at your critic and continue to know thyself.

Everyone’s meals are different. Your daily eating habits are just that- yours. If that satisfies you and helps you to your goals, great! But if you’re constantly feeling hangry, aren’t reaching your goals (so you just further restrict your food without reevaluating its composition) or are just miserable with the whole journey – maybe there is something to be said for being open to why it isn’t working for you.

Eyes on your own plate!

Food shaming and the food police are real! They are out there and when you choose to make your life choices public, you open yourself up to criticism. It just is. What you say- sticks and you’d be surprised how much hangs around, sometimes for years. Our experiences shape our perceptions and those perceptions shape our choices and those choices shape our lives. Remember: it’s all connected! Read more about that HERE!

I don’t mind the questions, or criticism, but not everyone is okay with that. We’re not all are on the same path. We don’t all have the same goals or way they are willing to get there. So for me – to each their own and I only wish you the most success and fulfillment possible on the way!

To that end, and the end of this novella – be kind, keep your eyes focused forward and not on the plate of your neighbor and help each other out. We all deserve it!

Happy Tracking!