PORTION CONTROL: Healthy Habit #2

Thursday, Aug 4, 2022 | Activity, Coaches, Lifestyle

6-Week Weight Loss Challenge

Healthy Habit #2: Portion Control

Catch up: Healthi Habit #1

Hi Friends! Coach Lisa here! Back for week two!!

How did you go last week? Did you get a better awareness of when and where you were eating? Great job! If you have no idea what I’m talking about, catch up on our six week challenge HERE!

You all have shown such excitement and commitment to this challenge. This summer season of eating, buying, and hosting can ruin your journey so easily. These small-everyday tips are exactly what you need in your back pocket to fight off those bad habits! This week we are going to expand on that with a new healthy habit.



It is so easy to think, I can just eat one serving out of this bag and put it away and then before you know it, you find your hand touching the bottom of the bag and you have no idea how that happened. Our awareness of things, especially when we’re distracted by something like television, can be limited which leads us into eating more than we intended, especially with snacks and treats. Studies have shown people consume 1/3 more calories eating straight out of the pack than if they portion the same food. So how do you combat this?


Avoid eating from the original containers

One of the simplest ways is to buy your snacks in single-serving size bags like the 100 calorie snack packs. But this isn’t always the most cost-effective way. In the case that you like to buy more frugally and it’s a larger quantity, the options are that you break that bag down into preset portions and label them with the points accordingly so that you have them ready for a quick snack grab or you make it a habit to always put the weighed or measured amount onto a plate and immediately close and put away the original container. If you leave the original container open on the counter, it’s easy to go back to Drive By Snacking. This one simple skill can save you 1000s of calories in a week if you struggle with serving sizes.

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So are you up to the challenge? What have you liked about it so far? Are you getting the in-app notifications? Don’t forget to follow me in the community section of the app. I’m always offering tips and tricks for healthy eating. What do you think I’ll offer up next week? Any guesses?? Be sure to come back and see! We’re offering up a reminder every week on the Healthi Instagram page!

Until then- Happy Tracking!