15 Proven Weight Loss Tips For 2023, For New Mothers

Thursday, Dec 29, 2022 | Featured, Lifestyle

As a new mother who’s heading into 2023, one of the things on your to-do list of resolutions is quite possibly the desire to adopt healthy living. After all, you want to be healthy for yourself and your child. The great news is that there are many proven weight loss tips that will help you – not just by enabling you to get into shape, but also by making exceptionally beneficial habits a part of your routine for your well-being in years to come. 


Is weight loss recommended for new mothers?

Firstly, it’s important to note that your relationship with your body might face a fair deal of turbulence throughout the entire process of childbirth. The fortunate aspect of this is that you can lose weight postpartum, given that you’re not aiming to lose an excessive amount in a radical manner, especially if you wish to have another child soon after. However, weight loss is definitely recommended for new mothers, with an emphasis placed on approaching the process holistically. 

This essentially means that weight loss should not be the sole, ultimate goal. If you’re putting in the effort to recuperate postpartum, you must go into it willing to adopt healthy living as a lifestyle, as opposed to a short-term weight loss program. This commitment will reap far better long-term benefits and will rewire your thinking in the best possible way. 



Proven weight loss tips for losing the baby weight

When it comes to proven weight loss tips that new mothers can use, there are certain dietary and lifestyle changes that must be made. These may seem intimidating, but with baby steps, realistic goals, fair expectations, and a little discipline, you’ll be right on track. 


1. Proceed with caution and kindness:

One of the first things to keep in mind is that you’re not competing with anyone to become healthier. You decide your schedule, deadlines, and goals. While doing so, however, you must be cautious to not set unrealistic and radical goals, and you must, at all times, show yourself a certain level of empathy and kindness. Your body has already been through enough.

2. Say no to absurd diets:

Normally, a surefire way to lose weight is by adopting a caloric-deficit diet, in which you’re consuming fewer calories than those that you’re burning. However, for new mothers, diets that promise fast results in short periods of time must be avoided. You’re eating for two, and you need the energy that you’re getting from your intake. You can always choose a balanced, nutritious meal plan (such as those available on the Healthi app) that takes into account various specifics pertaining to you. However, anything else must be approached with caution.


3. Breastfeeding:

While the results will not be immediate, it is recommended that you continue breastfeeding, given that this can lead to weight loss. The lived experiences of women may vary. However, in theory, your body is utilizing fat stores and energy to provide your baby with nutritional benefits.


4. Cut down on comparisons:

Yes, that new mom constantly posting on Instagram may seem like she has it all and can multitask like an absolute pro. That doesn’t mean you have to as well. Motherhood comes with a learning curve. Just because your favorite influencer has a killer body right after giving birth does not mean that you have to make that your goal as well. Childbirth takes its toll on different women in different ways. You achieve nothing, save despair, by drawing comparisons.


5. Keep a food journal:

A food journal is an exceptional way to keep your progress in check. Multifaceted and multipurpose, you can use your food journal to count your calories, thus tracking your intake, while also noting down key details pertaining to the food you consume. Jotting down feelings, places, and people associated with food can help you identify potential patterns on which you can work. The Healthi app doubles as a great food journal that does all this and more, also letting you know what to eat by assigning a BITE value to the same.


6. Focus on your meal:

Dealing with your toddler can be extremely time-consuming. However, your meal time must be yours alone, where you can give due attention to what you’re eating, eliminating all forms of media in the process as well, and ensuring that you’re chewing slowly and attentively.


7. Watch your portion size:

Instead of easily eating more than you need to, you can use a simple hack to switch to a smaller portion size. Simply swap out your large plates for small ones. Another way to do this is by cooking at home, which may be tedious, but it allows you to form a more intimate bond with your intake. If you’re able to allocate some time for measuring your food items as you add them to a meal, you’ll have a more accurate read on your intake quantity. This will also help you track your meals in a far more precise manner.


8. Change the way you snack:

Swap out the junk food you have lying around the house with more nutritious options. This way, you’re not giving up snacking, but you are working toward snacking in a healthier way.


9. Include nutritious food items in your daily intake:

Whole foods, protein, and foods that are high in fiber are highly beneficial. By incorporating these in your daily intake, you’ll find yourself feeling full after a meal while also benefiting from the high nutritional value of these food items (such as vegetables, fruits, whole grains, legumes, lean meats, eggs, and nuts). Additionally, do not skip meals.


10. Try to avoid food items that do not benefit you:

Avoid processed food, sugar, refined carbohydrates, and even alcohol as much as you can. These items do not provide any real nutritious benefits, can lead to weight gain, and can even pose detrimental threats to your health in the long run.


11. Stay hydrated:

Drinking ample amounts of water will keep you full. Moreover, this is generally vital for you, in any case. Many believe that staying hydrated facilitates the weight loss process.


12. Incorporate a variety of movements or exercises that you enjoy:

You must make some time for a bit of movement or exercise each day. Start with a 20-minute walk or jog, and build your way up. It doesn’t even have to be any movement that you don’t particularly enjoy. Begin with yoga or swimming – anything that genuinely brings you joy. If you feel like you’re not doing enough and feel demotivated, just remember that any movement in the initial stages is good. You can always work your way up, as long as you begin, in the first place.


13. Involve your baby:

If you feel like you cannot incorporate exercise in your life because you’re too anxious about your baby, take your child with you. If a long, brisk stroll in the park with your baby is what you can manage till you find your footing, so be it.


14. Set up a system of accountability:

Create a reward/punishment system that isn’t tied to food. If you’re on track, reward yourself with some much-need alone time. However, if you’re falling short, have a reliable friend keep tabs and possibly fine you a small amount.


15. Seek help:

None of this is going to be easy. Finding a support system, or seeking professional help must always be an option, if not a necessity.


Begin 2023 with a resolution to be your absolute best and healthiest self. Refer to this guide as and when you require and aim to make this a sustained lifestyle for a holistic sense of betterment.