Retraining Your Brain: Part 2

Wednesday, Apr 21, 2021 | Featured, Lifestyle, Uncategorized

Hi all Coach Lisa here for the second part of my Retraining Your Brain Series!

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Today I needed to switch my car insurance to a new company and their online site was having “technical difficulties” so I had to call. I hate calls – like with the passion of a thousand burning suns type of hate. But it had to be done.

My hands were having trouble with being able to apply enough pressure with colored pencils to get the look I wanted so I bought a pack of Sharpie markers instead. Figured they would require very little pressure (this was true). So I went and got my new markers and a coloring book I have had since 2019 apparently (🤣).

I colored my way through a 43 minute phone call. My hands held up and only tried to go drunken monkey on me in a few little places so I finished the call in a very positive frame of mind, not only about the call, but the act itself. I was calmer, my generalized phone anxiety didn’t occur, other than the disappointing fact that the pages aren’t quite thick enough to prevent bleed through from the markers, I was very much a happy camper.

Change the record that’s on repeat in your head!

Changing your feelings towards anything you dislike starts, simply, by pairing it against something you like a lot. In the beginning – the pleasant thing needs to be much more value than the unpleasant one.

So, I challenge you to make a list of things you don’t like about trying to lose weight. Is it the cooking? Planning? Shopping? Exercise? What aspects of lifestyle changes can you just not stand? Be specific!

SOLUTION – Okay, now pick 1 high value reward that you can give yourself for completing one of those issues. Do stickers, charts, charms, beads, planners etc motivate you?

Complete 7 Day Meal Plan = earn a reward.
Cooked every night for a week = reward.
Did 3x BOOGIE BREAKS today = reward.

Hate shopping? What if the trip ends with you treating yourself to something you wouldn’t normally buy for yourself? Something small but nice – a nail polish, a face mask, in my case – a new kitchen utensil from the dollar store. A girl can never have too many gadgets.

What reward can you use to make doing the things you dislike become more bearable?


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