Staying on Track on Vacation!

Monday, Apr 26, 2021 | Featured, Lifestyle, Uncategorized

Hi all! Happy Monday!

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Moderation is what has led me to an 80lb weight loss. It’s become my mantra, so naturally it clearly should spill into other aspects of my life, right? Thus, I look at vacation as moderation. It’s not something I do every day, but a wonderful treat that helps keep the rest of my life on track and happy. Most of us don’t have the luxury to go on vacation often, so we really need to prioritize what we find special, and include those things into our time! For me, a good part of a vacation being special is getting to socialize with friends and family, usually involving dinner, and trying lots of yummy new foods! This girl isn’t going to Italy and not trying every kind of pizza and pasta! Instead, I’ll eat the food, sip the wine, savor the gelato and also find balance in other ways!

Step up my movement

The most effective way I stay on track on vacations is movement. Usually vacations require some form of travel which can have a ton of sitting time, so I try to make up for that lost time. There are many ways to find some exercise in your trip! Volleyball on the beach, bouncing around in the waves, kayaking, hiking, walking around stores, dancing under the disco ball, snorkeling with fish and trips to the farthest away bar all require movement!

Drink plenty of water

Not much to say here except that my advice is to outdrink the fish in the ocean. Definitely with water though. That much tequila could hurt. On a serious note, water is so good for the body, skin, weight loss, vacation damage control and also very important if you are in a hotter environment.

Have on track snacks or smaller meals & pre-planned treats

When I go on vacation, I always have my eye on a few restaurants I want to try in the area. I usually will plan for these eating out meals in advance, as they require going somewhere. This is a helpful strategy for me because I know when a larger portion might be coming I am able to munch on good snacks, nutrient dense meals, healthy proteins and some solid fruits and veggies earlier in the day.

Pack some healthy options

One thing I learned pretty quickly into my weight loss journey was to carry some “On-Track” snacks with me wherever I go. I will even bring snacks if I’m staying with friends or family, the hunger monster can strike at any time. If you bring your own items, like protein shakes, beef jerky, fruit or even nuts, it might save you in a pinch.
Healthy dishes can be a treat too!

Through my travels, I’ve been shocked at how many incredible dishes I’ve scarfed down that are actually “On Track” dishes! So many fresh ingredients piled into some wild, yet drool worthy concoctions are my favorite. I would highly recommend getting local, veggie and protein packed dishes, they might surprise you!


Most importantly, enjoy yourself! If you are going to be stressed about food, which definitely still happens to me, you’re going to be missing opportunities to make memories and fun. You are a beautiful, learning, living human being. Give yourself some grace, accept that life happens and so do “snacksidents”. Get out there and enjoy! No one is counting that extra margarita. Drink water, move, eat some good healthy food once in a while and you’re golden

Getting Back On Track

Before I even leave for my vacation, I’m planning ideas on how to get back on track. Having the mindset that I might have a small “temporary” gain from salt, alcohol, bloat, and not enough water, allows me to not be too hard on myself. I find that if I don’t prepare in this way, I come back, hop on the scale and give up. I’ll head right to the kitchen and continue eating. Knowing this gain is not true fat, and is “temporary” helps me tremendously.

Upon return, I also slowly reintroduce myself to tracking and make sure I have all my favorite healthy meal ingredients on hand. Eating healthier versions of your favorite foods will help because you won’t feel deprived! Last but not least, water. Water, water, water, but we have already had this conversation. Get out there and enjoy!


Happy Tracking!