Summer Hydration Challenge

Wednesday, Jun 23, 2021 | Lifestyle

Hi friends! Brianna here, to talk about one of my favorite things: water!

Summer is upon us which means it is HOT outside, and whether you realize it or not, this means you should be consuming more water than you normally do. Spending time out in the sun and the heat makes it easy for us to become dehydrated if we aren’t intentional about replacing the water we’re losing during these glorious summer days.

Just a few symptoms of dehydration are fatigue, dizziness, confusion, and of course, extreme thirst. Another symptom of dehydration can be super shiny skin because your face is trying to overproduce oil to make up for lack of moisture. Interesting, right?

Staying properly hydrated is essential for your body to function optimally. Water helps regulate body temperature, keeps tissues moist and joints lubricated, helps nutrients travel to cells, and helps dissolve minerals and nutrients so they can be used by your body. Amazing!

Why am I telling you this? I want you to keep hydration top of mind all summer long, which is why I’m going to give you a little challenge for the rest of the summer.

The Challenge:

My challenge to you is this: drink at least ½ of your body weight in oz of water every single day. That means a 160 pound person would aim for 80 oz of water daily. If you’re like me and like to go above and beyond, aim for a gallon. Sure, you’ll be running to the bathroom a lot, but that keeps you out of trouble, right?

I know there are people out there that can’t stand drinking plain water, so for the sake of this challenge, I’m going to give you a few things that count towards your total water consumption.

Things you CAN count as water:

  • Plain water
  • 0 calorie sparkling water (flavored or unflavored)
  • Unsweetened herbal tea hot or iced (not tea that comes sweetened)
  • Adding a quick shot of water flavoring or crystal light to your water (but try not to make this all of your water)

Things that DON’T count as water during this challenge:

  • Coffee
  • Soda (diet or not)
  • Anything with alcohol in it (even if you put a shot in sparkling water)

Are you ready to join me for your most hydrated summer ever? Grab your water bottle and fill ‘er up! Stop, drop, and chug, my friend. Summer is here! In case you missed it, click HERE to read our post on hydrating, zero-BITE foods for the summer!

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