Summer’s Here, “Are You Ready”

Thursday, Aug 4, 2022 | Activity, Coaches, Lifestyle

Hi! Coach Jeri Here!

June is now here and for many that means summer has officially arrived.

It is my favorite time of year! Living on the East Coast, summer is most welcome after a cold winter. Off come the layers of bulky sweaters and coats, and out come the shorts, bathing suits, and sandals. We also know there is no more hiding.

The change of seasons is motivation for many of us. One of the reasons many struggle in the summer is the change in routines. Kids are home and our schedules are disrupted, activities are different. Whether you are near your goal or just beginning a weight loss journey, you can still participate in living this summer to the fullest.

I love swimming, but one year I didn’t go near the pool because I was waiting till I got thin. The whole summer went by without one foot in the water. By making simple pleasures dependent on how much we weigh, is allowing negative thinking to rule. Postponing life leads us down the wrong path. By enjoying all the activities summer has to offer you won’t feel so isolated.

There are a lot of food temptations and cooling drinks that we all associate with summer. So how can we deal with this and stay on program?

We take charge of the situation by planning. Look up how to lighten up some of your favorite dishes. If you are the host on a summer barbecue you have the most control. You can provide a healthy environment for your guests, and yourself in just a few steps such as offering fruits and vegetables instead of chips.

I learned a long time ago not to tell the guests I made some healthy substitutes. The secret here is that no one will ever notice. If you’re a guest, offer to bring a desert or appetizers you feel comfortable with.

Your value as a human is not measured by how much you weigh. You have just as much right to enjoy the summer and all that comes with it as the next person. Summer outings and activities are more than just food. Enjoy the weather with friends and family. There is nothing you can’t accomplish with a bit of creativity and planning. You can enjoy summer socializing without feeling like a victim of your size.

This summer you have the strength, hope and courage to stand in the sunshine without fear of food and summer activities. So, enjoy your summer and the simple pleasures that go with it. Happy Tracking!