Taking Advantage of Creative Condiments

Wednesday, Sep 22, 2021 | Lifestyle

Hi all! Coach Jeri here! 


Has anyone else noticed all the new flavors in peanut butter, jams, hummus, and sauces? When I was growing up there was plain old peanut butter, grape jelly (and no mention of hummus, avocado or salsa). I consider this example a huge exception to the “old dog- new tricks” idiom! It’s really great to learn to pair these new age flavors of condiments to healthy food to get out of that boring rut of the same foods. Sometimes, routine can save our weight loss journey. But sometimes, it’s refreshing and totally necessary to add fun new creative condiments into your typical rotation. Positive attitude towards experimenting and being creative can actually be fun! Let’s take a look at all the ways we can take advantage of creative condiments in our health and wellness journey!


As we look towards the season of fall with all the rich flavors of apple, cinnamon and pumpkin; there is no need to fret or forbode. Too many times we feel deprived and self-pity over what we “can’t” have. By using these unique pairings we can feel satisfied and connected to the season! This simple mindset can totally change the way we approach a weight loss plan. You have the right to choose what kind of life you want to live and how to live it. No deprivation necessary! 


Creative Fall Pairings:

  • Apples and cookie butter 
  • Roasted sweet potatoes and honey 
  • Brussel sprouts and balsamic vinegar
  • A baked apple with a touch of cinnamon is perfect for the fall!


Nut butters have become so popular- in so many flavors! I also love Nutella and Biscoff cookie butter. These toppings do contain BITES and calories but 1 teaspoon on a banana or apple can make fruit more satisfying. My regular afternoon snack is nut butter on a banana. Keeps me satisfied until dinner. There is also PB2 which is a powdered PB lower in calories and bites. Some people put it in the cool whip! Again get creative.


Hummus is another food that is high in protein that comes in a variety of flavors and can be used to dip vegetables, sandwiches and fruit. I also like using plain non fat yogurt with onion soup to make a vegetable dip. Another idea is to use sugar free/ fat free pudding mixes in yogurt to create your own flavors. Pistachio, white chocolate and butterscotch to name a few.


Jams and jellies are typically full of sugar but there are several brands (like Polaner and Tap n Apple) that make an all fruit jam with low sugar and high fiber. My favorite is Seedless Blackberry! I mix them with cottage cheese to put in whole grain cereals or on a light english muffin. There are endless ways to make low sugar jams the perfect sweet fix!


Lastly, salsa is a great dip for vegetables. I have also found that it is great for cooking. I like to pour it over chicken or stir fry with low fat ground turkey. If you like it on the sweeter side they come in pineapple and mango flavors. Of course you won’t struggle to find a spicy salsa either- just check your local grocer. 


All these combinations can give us a special motivation to move forward on our weight loss journey and make this a way of life. The trick is to consume these condiments in moderation, and in pairs with a fruit or vegetable. You don’t have to feel deprived and helpless. Replace the negative feeling with positive choices and crowd your mind with the right thinking. Before you know it you will enjoy the healthy food (with creative pairing) for a satisfying experience!