The Importance of an Apple a Day

Wednesday, Sep 2, 2020 | Uncategorized

Coach Mindy here! 

It’s almost fall y’all. September brings us the 1st day of autumn. And with that comes apples, which are synonymous with the changing of the season. Apples are one of the most nutritious, versatile, and plentiful fruits of the season. They come in a variety of colors and flavors. Apples are very versatile too. They can be used in a variety of dishes from savory to sweet.

Apples are super healthy. So healthy in fact, they are actually the symbol of health.

That is because apples contain many health benefits. They are also high in fiber and water which makes them a filling food. Studies have shown that apples may actually be good for weight loss. That isn’t the only thing they are good for, they are linked to a decrease in many diseases such as heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, cancer, and even lung diseases such as asthma. What makes them so special is the polyphenols, antioxidants, and flavonoids that are prolific in their flesh as well as their peels. Apples also contain pectin, which has been shown to be beneficial to gut health and digestion. Apples play a part in bone health. Studies have shown an increase in bone density in those who consume apples. It’s not only the flesh and peel that are healthy, the juice of an apple contains many antioxidants and has anti-inflammatory compounds which help protect the brain from age related mental decline. While the juice is healthy, it is also a component of the whole fruit and you can reap the benefits from just eating an apple, you do not need to consume just the juice.

There are many easy ways to incorporate apples into your diet.

You can just eat an apple as a healthy snack, or you can dice an apple and put it in your tuna or chicken salad. Apples are also good and green salads too. They are delicious in oatmeal and roasted alongside some pork chops or chicken for a healthy meal. It’s also great to incorporate some protein along with your apple. One way to do this is spread some peanut butter on some apple slices or pair some apple slices with some low fat cheese. They are also yummy chopped up into cottage cheese. Apples also make yummy healthy desserts. You can bake an apple and sprinkle it with some cinnamon and nutmeg and top with some nonfat greek yogurt., or even some ice cream if you’ve got the bites to spend.

As you can see, apples are incredibly good for you. There are many healthy and delicious ways to include apples in your diet. With all the different varieties available, it should be easy to find one that fits your taste. Experiment with different recipes and discover an array of options. And the best part of apples is they are 0 bites on Better Balance, Sugar Smart, and Carb Conscious.