The Importance of Reading Nutrition Labels

Wednesday, Mar 10, 2021 | Featured, Lifestyle

Hi all! Happy Wednesday!

Coach Jeri here again to talk about the ever important topic of nutrition labels. Checking nutrition labels, portions and servings can make a difference in our weight loss journey.

Several years ago when I was working at another health and wellness company, one of my members came running up to me with such excitement! She found this new product and it was only 100 calories, gluten free, AND low fat. It was a bag of some vegetable chip type snack. I hated to bust her bubble but, unfortunately it was not such a great bargain BITE wise.

The first issue was the bag contained three servings not one. That’s a pretty huge difference! It was loaded with sodium and carbohydrates. The wording on that bag would have led most people to think it was a healthy choice. But with a quick check of the servings and calculating the BITES it clearly was not. If this was something she was eating often it would have effected her weight loss.

Many of us laugh at the serving size on packages. A pint of ice cream is four servings? I could eat the whole thing in one sitting! Yes, food is good! And usually feels great to load up on! I tell people it’s okay to have the baked ziti or shrimp scampi… but not the whole tray. Take one serving and track it. Usually by doing that the guilt seems to dissipate and you can enjoy the your favorite dishes.

I am a weigh and measure girl. It keeps me honest. I weigh and measure EVERYTHING. It’s just become a part of my routine. My food scale and measuring cups are always out. Frankly, I don’t trust my eyes. They’re what got me in trouble in the first place! 

Anytime a food looks too good to be true- check the nutrition label. Use your scanner. Foods that sound healthy may not be. If you choose to have it just make sure the serving matches the portion. Once you’ve done your due diligence… enjoy! There’s no need to let a food control your mood and your outlook. Set some proper systems in place in order for your habits to be smarter than the nutrition labels. And then- let it go! 

Happy Tracking!