The Power of Morning Routines

Saturday, Jul 10, 2021 | Lifestyle

Mornings are hard. It’s a constant battle between sleeping a little longer and waking up early enough to ease ourselves into the day. We know it’s not fun to start our days in a frenzy, so instead, we can all make our mornings a little more manageable by finding a routine and avoiding any scrambling or decision making. 

For some this means adding a little bit of physical activity into the morning, for others it might be planning breakfast the night before. Or maybe it’s just waking up early enough to listen to some music or your favorite podcast. Whatever it is that works best for you, we all could do better with giving ourselves a few moments in the morning. 

First, set your alarm a little earlier than usual!

If you’re someone who is usually rushing around in the morning, it seems too obvious of a solution to just wake up a little earlier. We know- easier said than done. But if you ease yourself little by little into an earlier wake up time, after a while, it won’t feel so different- except for that you won’t be scrambling around! So maybe try setting you’re alarm 5-10 minutes earlier for a couple weeks, then add to that time if it feels right!

Implement something you love into your morning!

When your days are filled with work, people, errands and everything in between, it’s good to take some time in the early hours to do something you love. If you enjoy listening to podcasts or reading maybe try setting a few minutes to focus on that. If you love getting outside, maybe sit on your front porch or take a walk while enjoying your coffee! Starting your day this way will set you off on the right foot and put you in a better frame of mind.

Pre-track your coffee and breakfast!

It never hurts to plan your breakfast the night before. It saves time and stress in the morning when you don’t have to make any quick decisions. If you go ahead and track your food and coffee in the app before you go to bed, that’ll be one less task you have to take care of when you wake up!


There are endless ways we can make our mornings more enjoyable. One thing that’s important to remember is that every morning offers a new beginning for change and progress! Some days it wasn’t meant to happen, but there’s always tomorrow.