To Dream or to Act?

Friday, Apr 5, 2024 | Coaches, Featured, Lifestyle

To Dream or to Act?

Hey there, Coach Jeri here!

Are you a dreamer? Are you someone who often finds themselves lost in dreams about the future? Do you envision a future where you’re thinner, wearing your dream clothes, exuding confidence, and feeling present with a clear mind? Many of us do.

I, too, once held the belief that being thin was synonymous with having a perfect life. However, over time, I’ve come to understand that thinness doesn’t guarantee a flawless existence. No matter our size, we all face challenges and imperfections. Despite this, our dreams can serve as powerful motivators, propelling us to take action and turn those aspirations into reality. Dreams alone won’t reshape our lives, but they can be the spark that ignites our journey toward positive change.

As you gaze into the future, envisioning the person you aspire to become, remember that true transformation starts from within. It’s about embracing a mindset of wellness, not just focusing on physical appearance. Each step you take toward your goals, no matter how small, brings you closer to the life you envision. So, dare to dream, but also dare to act. The path to your ideal self is paved with both vision and action. I’m going to share some of those steps so that you can turn your dreams into actionable plans!


How To Take Action

It’s important to believe that you deserve wellness, not just thinness.

Start making changes now, not later.

Changing your diet is a small sacrifice for a healthier, happier mindset.

Consider the entire journey to wellness, which includes physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects.

Act and think like the person you want to become.

Every week, challenge yourself to try something new—whether it’s experimenting with a new recipe, tasting a different fruit or vegetable, or engaging in a new exercise routine.

Deep down, we all know how to make our dreams come true. It’s about putting that knowledge into action. The human mind is incredibly powerful and capable of achieving remarkable things. Visualize the life you want, and have faith in your ability to achieve it.

Each morning is a fresh opportunity to take a step toward a healthier you and commit to living each day to the fullest.

Remember, your worth isn’t determined by your wealth, height, or body weight. You are just as valuable as anyone else. With spring here and summer on the horizon, the season of rebirth is the perfect time to turn your dreams into actions. So, get ready to enjoy warm-weather activities with confidence and self-worth.