Top 5 Tips for Keeping Keto

Monday, Jun 8, 2020 | Uncategorized

Author: Healthi Coach, Mindy Matus

To some, starting Keto can sound like a daunting task. But it doesn’t have to be! Once you understand the concept and have the appropriate tools, it is easy-peasy. Here are my top 5 tips for beginners.



1. Understand what Keto is. Keto is a way of eating. It is different than regular low carb diets as it requires less carbohydrates. Keto is less than 20 g of carbs a day, but some people can consume 25 to 30 g and still maintain ketosis. Other low carb diets, such as low and moderate, require approximately 50-100 grams a day. While these diets are lower in carbs than the standard American diet, they will not likely put you into ketosis. However, they can still be beneficial and also used as stepping stones to work your way to a ketogenic lifestyle. Ketosis is just the metabolic process your body goes through when it doesn’t have glucose to burn for energy.

2. Know the benefits. There are many benefits of going Keto! Being in ketosis lowers blood sugar and blood pressure, it helps reduce cravings and gives you more control over your appetite. You also acquire a higher good cholesterol. It supports your digestive system and help to stabilize your energy levels and mood. And last, but definitely not least, it causes weight loss.

3. Know what to eat and how to keep it healthy. One of the biggest misconceptions about a ketogenic diet is that it is unhealthy. That it is all fat, meat, cheese, bacon, etc. While this can be true, it doesn’t have to be. You can very easily eat healthfully on a ketogenic diet. You need to choose whole, healthy, wholesome food. For your proteins, you choose meats, seafood, chicken, and eggs. For your dairy choose plain greek yogurt, cottage cheese and other cheeses and heavy cream in moderation. Your carbohydrate intake should come from low carb vegetables and fruits such as leafy greens, cauliflower, broccoli, and berries. For your fats, choose healthfully such as nuts, avocados, coconut oil and olive oil. When you think about it, Keto is basically cutting out all of the processed junk that we eat.



4. Have the right tools. Having some essential tools while eating keto or low carb isn’t unlike many other ways of eating. You need some measuring spoons and cups, a scale, and a tracker to keep record of your carbohydrate intake. I love Keeping Keto on Healthi because it is completely customizable. You can adjust the carbohydrates and the macros to suit your needs if you aren’t ready to dive headfirst into Keto. It’s a good way to start out slow and ease your way into lower carb.

Some other tools you might consider, But are not necessary, are ketone urine strips. They are pretty cheap, and while not 100% accurate they can give you an idea if you have gone into ketosis. I personally like to use them because they keep me motivated.

5. Find support and information to stay motivated. One of the best ways in keeping keto is to find a good support system. There are Keto boards on the Healthi app that are full of informative and supportive people. I also encourage you to look up some recipes through the PRO feature in the Healthi app. You can actually filter the recipes to show you the Keto ones. You will be amazed at the variety of foods you can eat while on Keto!

Keto has truly been a blessing for me. I have had most of my weight loss success from eating ketogenic diet. If you are struggling with health issues or an out of control appetite, give Keto a try! It may just be the answer you’ve been looking for.