Differentiating Types of Hunger

Wednesday, Dec 9, 2020 | Lifestyle

Hi all! Coach Lisa here!

Did you know that most people experience 3 types of hunger? Knowing what you’re feeling can go a long way in curbing cravings, stopping binging and taking control of your relationship with food.


You are thinking about food. You saw an ad on TV. You drove past your favorite drive thru. You know you have BITES left. Your brain is engaged in the food cycle but 90% of the time you are not actually hungry. You probably weren’t even thinking about it until your brain said “Hey, that would be good!”


Often you then move into the next level – you can smell it, you might even get a little drooly thinking about a particularly good meal. You are craving the taste or texture of a certain food. You want to eat it, not because you are hungry but because it satisfies your tongue (and often your brain hunger)


You are actually hungry. You need to refuel and may be displaying other signs such as lethargy, trouble concentrating, stomach growling… Now this is different. Genuine hunger shouldn’t be ignored.

How can you tell the difference?

Would you eat an apple, banana or celery/carrots as an example? Something basic? No…. Then it is probably a craving/coping mechanism rather than actual hunger. Being able to identify the difference is key in making better food choices. You’ve probably all seen the meme – Close the fridge – You’re not hungry – you’re bored!

Are you? Bored? Stressed? Upset? Tired? Craving something?

When we eat out of these states, we tend to eat much less mindfully, make food choices we regret later and add extra calories to our day. So the next time you find yourself fanning the fridge or pantry doors or thinking about just going through the drive thru – stop and identify what kind of hungry you are and then address it appropriately… Your waist, and your wallet, will thank you for it!

I recently did a video on this here: https://youtu.be/OQW0E55Nas0