Week 9 of Coach Lisa’s 100 Day Challenge

Wednesday, Oct 13, 2021 | Featured

Hi all! Happy Tuesday! 

Today we’re sharing a special update with Coach Lisa’s 100 Day Challenge! As of today, we’ve officially hit the 9 week mark! Go ahead and give yourself a big pat on the back if you’ve been following this challenge! In the case that you’re not familiar with this info, you can catch up with THIS BLOG POST,  or our 5 week update post HERE. If you’re in Coach Lisa’s Facebook group (join HERE), you probably saw her calendar post yesterday. As of Monday, October 12th we were 20 days from Halloween, 45 days from Thanksgiving, 75 days from Christmas, and 81 days from News Year’s Eve. No time like the present to challenge yourself! 

This week’s theme is “Self Care” 

We so often put ourselves last with our families, friends, at work and at home. This week, pick one way you will take care of yourself, your needs and make it happen!

Self care can look like A LOT of different things for everyone. We like to categorize “self care” as a time, activity, and/ or feeling of total personal preference in calmness. Meaning, you’re not shopping for groceries for everyone else in your house, you’re not going on a walk to calm down your dog. These activities (shopping and walking) are absolutely capable of being “self care”. It’s the why or the motivation behind doing them- that matters. Self care is the intentional and purpose carving out of time that is totally and completely based in filling up you own cup.

The activity matters far less than the purpose and the feeling. There are a lot of activities that some people would classify as “self care” that don’t feel fulfilling to a lot of other people. Maybe you’re one that really loves the indulgence of a good manicure every now and then. Maybe they make you feel weird because is squeezing and oiling your hands- to each their own! Whatever self care means to you- do that! As often as possible.

We know that self care is usually the last thing on the laundry list of priorities when life gets busy. This week we’re putting extra weight on it! However you can move it to the top of your list, do it! When we feel cared for, and filled up, we tend to make better more wholesome decisions. And yes, that includes health and dieting choices! Prioritize self care like your life depends on it- because in some cases, it does! 🙂

Happy Tracking!