Weekend Reading: Food Blogs

Saturday, Oct 10, 2020 | Uncategorized

Hi all and happy Saturday!! 

Today, we’re bringing you a special new series on the blog called Weekend Reading. Rather than your typical weekday food tracking type content; we thought it would be fun to give you something different on Saturdays. This weekend we’re featuring three food blogs that we all personally read and love. 

One of the best parts about fall is cozy seasonal foods! As you all probably know by now, we’ve posted several articles on this. We’ve covered zero-BITE fall foods, fall breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert recipes, and even healthy tailgating ideas! As most of you know, the fall is notorious for being a diet buster of sorts! With the help of some of our beloved Healthi Coaches, we’ve also published articles to help combat the temptation that is fall. Read about transitioning your summer routines into the fall here, and also read about an incredible 900 day running journey and how our friend Stacey stays motivated in the fall! 

Okay, and now on to the blogs! 

First up is Half Baked Harvest. If you’re looking for cozy classics with a Colorado edge, this is the publication for you! After helping her parents cook for her and her 8 other siblings, Tieghan figured out her knack for cooking! She publishes a mix of home projects (all in her newly flipped horse barn!!), sweet baked treats, and creatively healthy entree ideas! 

Next, let’s talk butter. Elisabeth and Butter that is! This is a STAPLE of a baking resource! Elisabeth is the epitome of a southern belle. She’s always whipping up beautiful breakfast or dessert goodies. This time of year typically sparks a sweet tooth, and thankfully Elisabeth always offers a gluten free, dairy free option! 

Last but not least, is Alex Snodgrass of The Defined Dish. Alex is a great person to follow because not only are her recipes beautifully photographed, but she’s a mom! No one knows how to cater to all, quite like moms. She has a great handle on how to take old-time classics and twist them into modern (and unexpectedly) healthy dishes. 

We hope this serves as either peaceful weekend reading, inspiration for your kitchen, or both! We’d love to know what you think of Weekend Reading. What do you want to read next- no holds bar on the topics! These are meant to be fun and special and different from the everyday tracking type content. Let us know below in the comments what you want to see next Saturday! Until then- happy weekend!