Weekend Reading: Healthi Blog as of Late

Saturday, Feb 20, 2021 | Lifestyle

Hi friends! Happy Saturday!! 

If you find yourself with some free time on this slow Saturday, grab a cup of coffee and enjoy! We’ve had so much good content on the blog lately, we wanted to round everything up together for you. Welcome to Healthi weekend reading. Nestle into your reading nook, warm up that coffee, and dive right in!! 

Bulk Grocery Shopping Tell-All

Our very own coach Stefanie has cracked the grocery shopping code! She’s figured out how to effectively and conveniently shop for groceries only once a month. She broke her process down into four parts for us. Find those here: 

  1. The Why: Grocery Planning 101
  2. The How: Meal Planning for a Month
  3. The Secret to Success: Frozen Foods 
  4. The Day-to-Day: Tactical Tools

BITES vs Calories 

If we had to name the most frequently asked question about the Healthi’ system, it would be something regarding BITES and calories. Why are they different? Which ones should we track first? Which one is more important? Should I have more of this or that? Well- we are answering ALL of it! Here’s our guide to the difference in BITES and Calories. 

Low Risk High Reward 

Another pain point that we hear about all of the time is: rewarding yourself. It’s too expensive to treat yourself to a shopping spree every time you lose five pounds. It’s sort of counterproductive to treat yourself to candy or chocolate after a health accomplishment. So- what to do? Coach Lisa has a GREAT idea for visually representing your accomplishments as well as rewarding yourself, read about that HERE!

To Snack or Not to Snack 

We all love a good snack! But, did you know that there is a right and wrong way to snack? Our friend and Healthi coach, Jeri, has great advice here. She walks through the best type of snacks to buy, when to eat the, and why you shouldn’t feel guilty about them. Find this along with other thoughts on snacking on her blog post HERE

We hope these articles fill some of your precious and valuable weekend time. There is something nice about slowing down and taking in some new info on your time off. We know your time is meaningful and in short supply, so we’re thankful for your attention. Tell us what you plan on doing this weekend! Don’t forget to track those meals! 

Happy weekend and happy tracking!