Why Going PRO Can Jumpstart Your Weight Loss

Thursday, Jun 25, 2020 | App Help

Have you been wondering if going PRO with Healthi is the right choice for you? Can it really help jumpstart your weight loss journey? In a word? Yes. Let us tell you why.


  • Healthi PRO makes tracking WAY easier


With immediate access to our recipe builder, voice tracking, restaurant, snack and beer guides, you don’t miss a single BITE! We’ve got you covered!


  • Greater support from the community


With an Healthi PRO membership, you’ll have the ability to comment and participate in the Community on the app. Only Pro members can do this! We want to make sure the people participating in our community are the ones taking their health and wellness journey seriously. By keeping our community participation exclusive to PRO members, we’re able to avoid bullies and trolls, ensuring a safe and supportive community for you.


  • Break up dietary monotony with more BITES ideas from the Recipe database


Sometimes people struggle to stay within their BITES because they are sick of eating the same things and need new ideas! With your PRO membership, you’ll never run out of ideas for new snack and meal ideas thanks to the Recipes feature. Full recipes, with instructions and BITES all laid out for you.


  • With PRO you can track based on both calories and macros


Being able to track based on calories or macros means you’ll be able to get a more well rounded understanding of how you’re eating. The better your understanding of what you’re eating, the easier your weight loss journey will be!



  • Access to bonus plans Better Balance and Keeping Keto


With PRO, you’ll be able to access our newest meal plans and switch between them seamlessly as you work to find one that best suits your needs! With a the Healthi free plan, you’ll have access to ALL our plans at no additional cost.


If you haven’t gathered yet, the reason going PRO with Healthi can jumpstart your weight loss journey is because we’ve taken out all the guesswork and worked hard so that you don’t have to. Okay, you’re still going to have to put the work in, but you’re not going to have to spend extra time jumping around the internet tracking in one place, looking for recipes in another, and finding support and community somewhere else.

We’ve brought everything you need together into one easily accessible membership. So, what are you waiting for? Your PRO membership is waiting for you.