Why You Need to go PRO!

Monday, May 17, 2021 | App Help, Featured, Lifestyle, Uncategorized

Hi all! Happy Monday!

Back in November of 2020, we published this awesome post on the benefits of Healthi PRO, in honor of a great sale that we were running. We’re THRILLED to announce that we’re running that same sale AGAIN! Now through Wednesday 5.19.21, our most iconic features are available for only $19.99 a year! We thought it might be helpful to revisit all of the reasons why you should “go PRO”!

Healthi is a food and activity tracking app that aims to guide you into maximum health and wellness through ease and convenience. The best part is that it’s free! There are special features, however, that are only available through the paid subscription. Now, we are the first to recommend the base version of the app. It goes without saying though that there are HUGE benefits to upgrading!

Ease of Use

With the PRO plan, you can immediately track one of the hundreds of thousands of recipes in our app. Just the tap on one button can instantly count all of the calories or “BITEs” from the recipe archive.

Recipe Building

Maybe you’re one who likes to write your own rules? Rather than instantly tracking a pre-made recipe, with PRO you have the ability to to write a recipe, share it with friends, and then instantly track it.

Social Interaction

In the basic version of the app, there is access to the Healthi community page. However, with PRO you can follow, engage, and interact with anyone in your community groups!! It’s a proven fact that adding accountability and social interaction into your weight loss journey drives success!

Multiple Tracks

Being able to track based on calories or macros means you’ll be able to get a more well rounded understanding of how you’re eating. The better your understanding of what you’re eating, the easier your weight loss journey will be!

PRO Exclusive Plan: Better Balance

Balance focuses on helping you learn to control your eating through awareness enabling you to prioritize healthy eating and focus on fresh, whole food options.

PRO Exclusive Plan: Keeping Keto

This is a high-fat, very low-carb diet that focuses on drastically reducing carbs that are absorbed by the body and replacing them with fat in order to lower blood sugar and shift your metabolism away from carbs and towards fat and ketones.

Meal Plans

Our latest and greatest: Healthi Meal Plans! We wanted to create a simple set of meals and snacks to make cooking, prepping, and tracking as easy for you as possible. The original release of Meal Plans were a few set collections of foods and recipes that all had specific BITE counts ingredients. As an Healthi PRO Member you’re free to create, add, share, and change Meal Plans as you please!

As we begin to enter the season of summer and going out, we definitely urge you to download Healthi PRO! Below you will find a few testimonials from our beloved Healthi PRO community that are sure to aid in your decision making! The regular pricing of Healthi PRO is $59.99. However, we’re currently offering it for only $19.99 as a special holiday promotion. You can click HERE to upgrade, and use code ThankYou2021. We’re so excited to offer this special sale to our community, and we hope to see you soon on Healthi PRO!

Happy Tracking!