Your Guide to Getting Started With Healthi

Thursday, Mar 12, 2020 | App Help, Featured

So you’ve decided that you want to lose weight, and you’ve downloaded the Healthi app. What’s next?

We’ve got your guide to getting started with Healthi, to get you on track for losing weight, getting healthy, and changing your life!

1. Pick Your Plan

The first thing you have to do is simple. You have to pick a plan! If you’ve downloaded the app recently, you probably went through a quick quiz that guided you toward the best plan for your lifestyle and goals. If it’s been a while since you signed up but are trying to restart your weight loss program, or you just want to get a better understanding of the plan options, you can check out a break down of all of our available plans HERE. You can also use this handy little chart below!



2. Get Familiar with the Terminology

BITES: The majority of our plans use a food value system. Basically, all foods are assigned a numerical value that we call BITES, based on their nutritional value. Each day, you get a certain amount of BITES that you can eat, based on the type of plan you’ve chosen, your current weight, and your weight loss goals.

Weeklies: You’ve seen this term used a lot in our posts, and these refer to the amount of BITES you are given that are flexible. You may have a daily BITES limit of 30, for example, but then have 28 Weekly BITES. Those Weekly BITES are yours to use however you see fit! You may want to spread them out a bit, you may want to save them for a special occasion, just make sure you eat them in your week!

Activity Earned: These are extra BITES you earn based on your activity levels. If you track your workouts within the app, it automatically calculates how many more BITES you may have!

3. Get Familiar with the App

Your TRACKER is your main screen in Healthi. It shows you your day at a glance! You can access everything you need to track your BITES from there.



At the top of the screen you can see your daily, weekly, and activity BITES available (If you go PRO, you may also see secondary metrics as well, choosing between seeing calories or macros). At the very top left there is a microphone icon, which you can use to voice track your food, while the upper right corner has a barcode icon, which you can use to scan a food item to find out how many points it is and track that food!

The rest of your tracking page shows you the breakdown of the foods you’ve tracked for the day, as well as your health checks. If you tap on HEALTH CHECKS you can use that to keep track of your water intake, your servings of daily food groups, and even track if you’ve taken your vitamins for the day!



At the bottom of the screen you can see your other options. The spot next to TRACKER is the RECIPES tab. We’ve gone into more detail about our new Recipes feature here, but in short… you can use it to find new healthy recipes to try and to track!



The green plus button in the middle pulls up all of your tracking options. Use that when you’re ready to track your food, activity, or weight.



The next tab opens up to our COMMUNITY! This is where you can interact with other Healthi users, any time of day. Whether you’re looking for support, wanting to share a win, or just want to chat with other people who are in the same boat (or on the same plan) as you, the Community is where it’s at.



And finally, you have your PROFILE. Click in there to see your weight loss journey at a glance, as well as make any changes to your profile, plan, and settings. Click on the gear icon in the top right corner to change your preferences or to connect other apps like your fitbit and healthkit.



4. Start Tracking!

That’s it! Click that tracking button and start adding the foods you’ve eaten, it’s as simple as that. You’ll figure out the ins and outs of the app and your plan as you go, but the important thing is that you start today. If you have questions as you go along, you can turn to the community for help and support. Or you can visit our support page and a more detailed user guide by clicking HERE! We are here to support you on your journey.