Zero BITE Foods to Kickstart Summer

Wednesday, Jun 2, 2021 | Lifestyle

It’s no secret that the upcoming months are going to be warm. The first heat wave, or two, usually takes us all by surprise. It’s weird to get used to. We tend to be more picky with what we want to eat because all of our typical favorites aren’t necessarily cooling. Everything you make takes a bit more work to be refreshing. Not to mention how easy it is to become dehydrated in the summer! In honor of the first official day (or so) of summer, we’re sharing ten foods to add to your summer line up. These foods are all zero BITES on most of our weight loss plans, AND stimulate hydration! It’s a win-win!


Being over 90% water, watermelon is a great seasonal fruit to work into your routine. A low calorie, zero-BITE fruit, that both cools and hydrates! Watermelon is also packed with antioxidants. We recommend rotating out the sugary snacks throughout the day and adding in a few chunks of watermelon. It also tastes amazing as a salad topper!


Looking for a crunch while avoiding crumby snacks? Cucumber is your answer! This water based fruit will also help you reach your hydration goals, while pumping up your daily fiber intake, as well! We recommend that you crack a tiny bit of salt and pepper over a sliced cucumber for a healthy snack alternative.

Leafy Greens

Now, it goes without saying that leafy greens are beneficial to your body all year long. Some do forget, however, that eating greens daily can boost your hydration levels, which is essential for these warm summer months. We recommend throwing a large handful of greens into a blender with a banana and some juice, for a simple and tasty summer smoothie!

Coconut Water

Both refreshing and health beneficial; coconut water has heard lots of buzz lately! It’s light taste makes it nice to consume throughout the hot days of summer for ultimate hydration. We recommend adding bottled coconut water to your weekly grocery haul asap! Slowly start adding it to your day, instead of sugary processed liquids.


Mint not only keeps your body temperature cool but also gives you a refreshing effect. You can find fresh mint in the produce sections of most grocery stores. Or, of course, you can grow your own! There are few things that we wouldn’t add mint to. In other words- it’s a yummy addition to almost everything! We recommend that you start by dropping a few leaves into your iced water or tea. Then slowly add some to your favorite summer salads.

Lime Juice

There’s something about lime juice that just tastes like summer! Again, this is a pretty universal flavor. Start adding lime juice to your favorite Tex Mex, Indian, and Latin dishes. It will slowly become one of your favorite flavors in a meal or drink!


Throw a few ears of corn on the grill, shed the kernels off into a yummy salad or rice bowl- boom! An automatic summer spin on a typical dish. It’s also high in fiber, which of course aids in digestion. Not only inexpensive, but summer native, AND nutritious!


A perfect summer snack, with water content of 95 per cent. Celery contains essential nutrients that keep you going during the hot weather. Celery is also loaded with sodium, iron, potassium, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, and zinc! We recommend juicing it down with some mint and lemon for a refreshing juice. Or, of course the old faithful peanut butter + celery stick snack!


Serving as a great source of Vitamin C and Potassium, most tomatoes are also native to summer months. Tomatoes are also very easy to grow on your own. Skip the farmer’s market for this item, because they’re just as easily available at home!

Yellow Squash

Similarly, yellow squash are also known as summer squash because of how easily they grow in these warm months. The vegetable is high in vitamins A, B6, and C, folate, magnesium, fiber, riboflavin, phosphorus, and potassium. That’s a serious nutritional power-packed veggie. Yellow squash is also rich in manganese. We recommend adding a little salt, pepper, parmesan, and breadcrumbs for a savory summer side dish!